After you have brainstormed, evaluated and designed a fantastic new innovative product. Then you will need to find a right printed circuit board supplier to make your idea come true, either prototypes or high volume production.

And you will find, you face with so many choices then it’s difficult to find the right one. Because PCB boards are being used in more products and industries in recently years and pcb suppliers have a great increase in the last couple of decades. Below are some key points for you to consider when choosing a circuit board manufacturers, which is based on years of experience in this industry.

 PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype will help you test the quality and functionality for your products, also it is easy to make major design changes or minor tweaks to make your products work well as the way you envisioned. Once the PCB Prototype is successful, you can take that prototype to production.

Industry Experience

If the PCB manufacturer is industry-specific, they must have worked for many company or private customers, also they will have the good background and technology. Rich industry experience and tech can improve the qualification rate, save your energy and time.

Quality Control

Quality is very important across the design and prototyping process, sometime the small mistakes can become magnified and affect not only costs, but the success or failure of an entire product or project.

PCB Manufacturer can provide entire design and assembly process in-house is the best way. They can minimize the quality issues and speed up the quality.

You need to know if they have the workshop with advanced machine, professional inspection & test production line, if they have standardization management and related certifications.

It’s will better to order the minimum sample to measure the quality before mass fabrication.

Fast Delivery Time

This is an important factor for pcb manufacturing, especially when you are running a time-sensitive production plan. Some business says “high quality PCB at low cost”, but maybe the lead time is very long. Choosing a right manufacturer doesn’t mean choosing cheapest one.

PCB Manufacturing Capability

Do you need high precision pcb board with advanced requirements? Will your pcb board be used in High tech industry like intelligent wearable device, automotive, medical etc.? If yes, then you must consult your manufacturer’s technical team to check if they can meet your design requirements.

Customization Service

For printed circuit board manufacturing, one size won’t fit all. Your specification or working environment perhaps change the size, complexity and other criteria.

So it is necessary to cooperate with a trained and experienced team who have the right tools and skills to meet your higher customization specialization.