Circuit board vs chip

What is circuit board vs chip

The circuit board vs chip are different. PCB is the circuit board that we normally see, and the printed and welded chips on the circuit board. Chip, also known as microcircuit (microcircuit), microchip (microchip), integrated circuit (IC). A small piece of silicon containing an integrated circuit, often part of a computer or other electronic device.

The development of the chip

Beginning in the 1930s, semiconductors from the chemical elements of the periodic table. They  considered by researchers. Such as William Shockley of Bell LABS as the most likely raw materials for solid-state vacuum tubes. From copper oxide to germanium to silicon, raw materials were systematically studied in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, although some III-V valent compounds such as gallium arsenide are used in special applications. Such as light-emitting diodes, lasers, solar cells and the fastest integrated circuits. Single crystal silicon is the backbone of the integrated circuit mainstream. The process of creating defect-free crystals took decades.

In August 2020, the latest financial report of SMIC showed that in the second quarter, the company’s revenue and net profit both hit a single-quarter record high, achieving a net profit of $138 million, up 644.2% year on year. Binsan Technology, A general intelligent chip design company, has completed a round of financing worth 1.1 billion yuan just nine months after its establishment. The number of chip design companies alone expanded rapidly from 1,700 in 2019 to more than 2,000 in 2020. [3]

The application of the chip

Chips are mainly used in fields such as communications and networking. The integrated circuit chip that makes the circuit on the surface of semiconductor chip is also called thin film integrated circuit.

Another type of thick film integrated circuit is a miniaturized circuit composed of independent semiconductor devices and passive components integrated into a substrate or circuit board. The most advanced integrated circuits are the cores of microprocessors, or multicore processors, that control everything from computers to mobile phones to digital microwave ovens.

Memory: Memory chip is the largest category in China’s chip market, the market demand reaches 30% of the world, the import value is nearly 30 billion US dollars, but China’s independent production capacity is basically zero. In the field of global storage, Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron Technology have formed oligopolies, and our market share in this field is very low.

The memory is widely used and the amount is large. The breakthrough of domestic enterprises represented by Zhaoyi innovation in this field is just beginning.

Analog circuit field: China’s analog chip self-sufficiency rate is low, nearly 90% of dependence on imports. With Texas Instruments as the world’s top ten analog circuit enterprises occupied 60% of the market share.China’s analog circuit leading Saint Bond shares are accelerating the realization of import substitution.

The field of autonomous driving is currently the most “chip eating”. If the algorithms of autonomous driving can determine the upper limit of autonomous driving ability. Then the chip of autonomous driving will determine the lower limit. Until now, the autonomous driving chip market has been dominated by Mobileye and Xilinx. But with the acquisition of Nvidia and AMD. The autonomous driving chip market is now divided into four groups: Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm and AMD.

The connection between circuit board and chip

Integrated circuit is the integration THAT points TO CHIP commonly. RESEMBLE THE NORTH BRIDGE CHIP ON motherBOARD, CPU INTERIOR, IT IS TO CALL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, ORIGINAL NAME ALSO IS TO CALL INTEGRATED BLOCK. And PCB is the circuit board that we normally see, and the printed and welded chips on the circuit board. To understand the relationship between the two.The first  integrated circuit (IC)  welded on the PCB board. The second is PCB board is the carrier of integrated circuit (IC).


The circuit board and chip are different:

1.the plate is different

1), circuit board: the board of the ceramic circuit board, alumina ceramic circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board, circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board, thick copper plate and so on.

2), chip: chip is the circuit manufacturing on the surface of semiconductor wafer.

2.The number of layers is different

1), circuit board: the circuit board according to the number of layers to  divid into single panel, double panel, and multi-layer circuit board three big classification.

2), chip: chip  integrated into the substrate or circuit board composed of two-sided miniaturized circuit panel.

3.Different uses

1), circuit board: circuit board is the support of electronic components, is the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components.

2), chip: chip  used to control computers, mobile phones and other electronic precision equipment, analog and digital integration technology.