Electrical circuit control panel for household appliances

A large American power company we worked with. They mainly manufacture boilers, refrigerators and other control cooling and heating equipment. We provide them with circuit control panels.

Circuit control panel order

The order received this time is for the control board of the refrigerator circuit. Circuit boards are common.

Material: FR4. 2 layers, thickness: 1.6 mm. Copper thickness: 1 ounce, solder mask: green, screen printing: white. Surface treatment: HASL is lead-free.

What is special is the need to copy the program and test it and brush glue.

What is special is the need to copy the program and test it and brush glue.

Brush Glue

When brushing glue.

There are some special positions that cannot be brushed. Otherwise the signal will be blocked. This requires a large number of employees in the workshop.

Technical and workshop managers held a pre-production meeting together. They mainly discussed how to do this without delaying the process.

In the end it was decided to organize a boutique team for special training to deal with the project.


Defective product repair


Each section is checked individually. And It has been determined that a short to earth was caused by a customer supply module.

First contacted with the customer. Replaced the broken modules with the strong support of the customer. All 8 defective products successfully repaired.

Technical Electrical circuit control panel quality inspection

During the quality check, it was found that the batch of 1000 sets differs by 3 sets of brush glue.

What was corrected. The result was well above our expectations before production. and the workshop manager rewarded the workers for their outstanding skills.

When the technician did the summary.

In particular, the power supply current must be stable during the copy program test. Otherwise, it will affect efficiency and judgment.

Circuit board service

After the quality check it was OK. We packed the first time.

And Customers are very satisfied after receiving the product. Especially for brushing the details. So We’ll check out quickly. the cause of bad products to give high praise.

Our excellent service team and superb technical strength have been recognized and trusted by customers. The client decided to track 1,000 sets. Choose us too.



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