GPS Location Alarm For  PCBA

Product background introduction

  1. Source of inspiration 

The birth of a GPS positioning alarm.As society is becoming more and more aging. More and more elderly people in China. Actually, in the Census on May of this year, the population of China aged 60 and above accounted for more than 18%. This increas a lot. One of the topics is the health problems of elderly people living alone.GPS Location Alarm For  PCBA


Our customers desigend this products are specially for elderly people- living along.( shown in the picture below).  It contains GPS positioning, and relatives can locate the location of the product user through the mobile APP. For example, when the old man loses his way alone or is in danger. He will press the red button to automatically call the police. The mobile phone that reports to the relatives will also send a distress signal to the local police station. Of course, the product needs a local phone card.

  1. The product itself

There is one note: the customer designed this product for a specific country, so the current GPS positioning is more sensitive in fixed countries. And the alarm is also related to the local police station.


It is worth mentioning that if the location of the product suddenly drops, it will give a loud alarm. Actually,  the purpose of the product is to alert the elderly when they fall suddenly. Used to remind the caregivers around to respond in time.




Product Features Introduction

The main part 

We have produce this product two times as a sample, and this products products actrally consists of 3 PCBs. The main board PCB is conventional FR4, green and white. In this way, the shape is also particularly small, and in order to match the product’s compact and convenient features. We can held the final products with one hand.


The second part

The other two PCBs are flexible boards. And the role of these two soft boards is to act as an antenna. FCB is a single-layer board with two pads in one section. In this way, these two FCB can act as a component. In final assembly step, we can directly soldered on the motherboard PCB. There is 3M adhesive on these two FCB back. In assmebly step, the worker can directly glued to the shell with 3M. Therefor because the advantage of the small size on FCB, it help us reduce the weight of the entire product.GPS For PCBA


Inside the products

There is a GPS module that needs to be located on the main board. On the top there is a fixed sim card position like a mobile phone. The GPS module and the phone card combine, positioned and alarmed is good to used by the user. For the sustainable use of the product, there is a 500mAh lithium battery inside. The battery can recharged repeatedly. In additional the following figure shows the whole assembly part of the product.



 Product evolution GPS For PCBA


The customer found that the power consumption was too fast in first sample batch. After that,  everyone discuss how to make improvements in the second batch of samples. Because the product vibrates while alarming, it will increase power consumption. Then suppose the old man is in danger in a remote park, so the user presses the alarm. But if the colleague’s device is still vibrating, the battery will easily run out.


However, GPS For PCBA,adding batteries will increase the weight of the device, making it inconvenient to carry around. After some discussion, our customer decided to remove the vibration function. The picture below is a sample of the first version. There is also a motor on it. The next new batch will remove the electronic components of the motor.



 Increase service request


Now allow me to introduce the development history of the product. In 2019, customers visited our company. At that time, customers appreciated the benefits of our one-stop service. After two times sample orders, the customer wants us to assemble the finished product directly. And ask if we can packing the product and ship it to the end customers. Then it involves a series of services,  such as the assembly of the shell, the glue mounting screw, and the packaging of the finished product.


So in addition to PCBA products, we will provide some additional material purchases for this product in the next order. Such as: keychain, nick trap, 4 kinds of labels, etc. The following figure is a three-dimensional explanatory diagram of assembly instructions.




As you can see in the figure below, we have discussed several versions of the packaging design drawings. The engineer on the customer side is very careful.



He will check and confirm the packing samples three times, And you know how carlfull he is? He even desigen manual with the folding method. Above all, we have to say his design is perfect. And of couse every time the response from him is particularly timely.

GPS desigen

From customers: 

In special times, customers cannot visit the factory in person. He thanked us for being responsible, but actually we must also thank him for his trust. Will not be responsible for entrusting to complete this order.