How circuit board works

Whether it is automotive electronics or medical equipment, and smart home devices,circuit boards are necessary.

Indispensable parts, as the circuit board of the brain of the product, are very important when we choose.

What knowledge do you need to know when choosing .and developing products?

As a high-end SMT patch processing factory.

Jiayuan electronics, let’s learn about the working principle of the Multilayer boards.


The circuit board is on the most basic PCB.

We concentrate the parts on one side and the wires on one side.
Then on the other side, a layer of copper is attached to the substrate.

As a conductor to connect different components. Because the wire.

We call a board with only one side as a single panel.


Because there are many strict restrictions on the design circuit of single panel

(because there is only one side, wiring)

They can’t intersect with each other, but must go around a separate path),

so only early circuits used this kind of circuit board.


Multilayer boards must have proper circuit connection between two sides,

and many layers of wires are pressed.

On a board, has many layers, and each layer has wires.

This kind of “bridge” between circuits.

The “beam” is called a pilot hole (via).

The guide hole is on the PCB .

A small hole filled or coated with metal that can.

Connect with the conductor of each layer.

Thus, multiple components can be connected.




Working principle of Multilayer boards:

First point:

Use the board based insulating material .To separate the surface copper foil conductive layer.

So that the current flows in various .Components along the pre-designed route.

And complete the functions such as work.amplification.attenuation.modulation.demodulation.coding and so on.

On the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side .

and the wires are concentrated on the other side.

Because the wires only appear on one side, this kind of PCB is called single panel.

Multilayer boards, multilayer with wires, must have appropriate circuit connection between the two layers.

This bridge between circuits is called guide hole.


Second point:


It uses the plate-based insulating material .to separate the surface copper foil conductive layer.

So that the current flows .In various components along the pre-designed route.

And completes the functions such as work.amplification.attenuation.modulation.demodulation.coding and so on.

Circuit board principle: structure

We divide the circuit board into the following parts: pad.Via. Mounting hole. Wires. Components. Connector. Fill the electrical boundary. etc.

Common board layer structures include single layer PCB.double layer PCB .and multi layer PCB.

The main functions of each component are as follows:

Pad: a metal hole used to weld the pins of components.

Through hole: we have two ways to choose from, one is metal through hole, the other is non-metallic through hole.
Metal through holes are used to connect the pins of the sandwich assembly.

Mounting hole: used to fix the circuit board.

Wire: copper film of electrical network used to connect the pins of components.

Connector: components used for connection between circuit boards.

Filling: copper coating for ground wire network can effectively reduce the impedance.

Electrical boundary: used to determine the size of the circuit board.

All components on the circuit board shall not exceed this boundary.


What are the precautions for circuit board mounting:

Circuit board mounting refers .To the pre coating of an appropriate amount .And form of solder on the solder pad of the circuit board.

Solder paste, and then paste the SMT components to the corresponding position.

The solder paste has a certain viscosity, which makes the element.

Device fixation; Then let the circuit board pasted .With components enter the reflow soldering equipment.

Then there are the following precautions when installing the circuit board:

① We have to select the solder with strong adhesive force, and the printing accuracy of solder .

The installation accuracy of components also needs to be improved.

② The external electrode of the element needs to have good wettability and wettability stability. Recommendation: temperature.

Under 40 “C and humidity below 70% RH, the service life of incoming components shall not exceed 6 months;

③ When using the small size of the solder on the surface of the welding element to reduce the width of the welding element.

And tension. We can also appropriately reduce the printing thickness of solder, such as 100 μ m.

④ The setting of welding temperature management conditions is also a factor in the warping of components.

We need not to connect the two ends of the element before the hot end is formed.

PCB should be heated evenly.

There are fluctuations.



JY electronics reminds you that in order to save costs.

Some small SMT patch manufacturers.

We need to add a lot of quality inspection links, so that the circuit boards produced and processed will not be prone to problems.

Therefore, when designing and developing products and selecting SMT patch processing manufacturers,

don’t be greedy.

The temporary cheapness of the picture. leads to the defect problem of finished products in the later stage.and the gain is not worth the loss.