When you have PCB to produce, there are so many PCB manufacturers on the market to choose from. So how to choose the right PCB manufacturer can easily cause headaches.  Start with three questions that will help you filter out 80% of unqualified suppliers:

  1. What PCB related certifications does your company have?
  2. How long has your company been in the PCB industry?
  3. What makes your company different from other PCB manufacturers?


First of all, what we are most concerned about is the quality of the product. However, many PCB suppliers use ultra-low prices to attract the attention of inquirers. PCB quality many many different aspects:

  • PCB size, will influence the assembly housing in the future
  • All holes have been drilled and accurately positioned
  • The bare board test
  • PCB minimal bow and twist
  • And many other questions.

You also need to explore the quality of the circuit boards provided by each manufacturer and the quality control process they have adopted. Some quality control measures to look for include:

  • Statistical process control (SPC) technology, such as process capability (Cpk) control
  • Continuous quality management improvement methods, such as quality control circles (QCC) and total quality management (TQM)
  • Use Engineering Change Order (ECO)
  • The exemption control principle of components in the clause
  • Quality control evaluation of surface mount technology (SMT) pass rate, document management, material inspection, bill of materials (BOM) preservation, acceptable quality limit (AQL) level, equipment calibration, etc.

PCB quality should always be maintained at a high level and will not disappear after successfully obtaining the main order.

Errors can harm the business of PCB components or equipment manufacturers, so it is important to ensure the quality of the selected supplier. You may ask the continued quality of other non-competitive companies that may use them.

Our company provides professional and reliable PCB products for many automobile manufacturers, and continues to supply.

How How long has your company been in the PCB industry?

When manufacturing circuit boards, experience is everything. On the one hand, experience can examine the amount of knowledge and resources that manufacturers have from one hand, and can reflect the ability of PCB manufacturers to adapt to industry changes and continuous innovation over time.

What makes your company different from other PCB manufacturers?

This question will be a little divergent, and it will stop most PCB manufacturers here, simply because they have no answer. Hundreds of manufacturers have not made outstanding actions and transformations and upgrades, and are very satisfied with their natural development. If PCB manufacturers cannot explain what makes them different, then they are likely to be the same as most mediocre PCB manufacturers. Excellent PCB manufacturers will answer from the following main points:


Suppliers with rich production requirements for handling PCBs with high difficulty will be the first to respond to you in terms of production capacity. Usually such a supplier can accept any format of information provided by the customer, and can provide feedback as soon as possible according to the information you inquired, and confirm with the customer the required specifications of the plate: number of layers, type of PCB material; tolerance; specific requirements, etc.

More professional will directly provide a list of their production capacity, and promise to help customers modify the circuit design.

Order Quantity:

What is the maximum and minimum order quantity that each manufacturer can fulfill within the time you require?

Delivery time:

The estimated delivery time for small, medium and large orders. Ensure that the company’s estimated delivery time for the type of order you are placing can meet the requirements for subsequent assembly.

Number of layers:

What is the smallest and most layers that PCB manufacturers can provide. Of course, the number of layers of flexibility, flexibility-rigidity and rigid board may be different.

Surface finished technology:

PCB Surface finished technology can make soldering easier and protect the copper surface of the circuit board from corrosion. There are multiple surface finish processes, and different PCB manufacturers may provide different options. There are immersion gold, lead-free spray tin, immersion silver, hard gold plating, etc., and there are many options for thickness requirements.


What types of holes can PCB manufacturers provide? Ensure that each manufacturer can provide the required via type, whether it is copper filled vias, blind vias, buried vias or microvias, or via holes.


For circuit boards operating in the high frequency range, you may need controlled impedance. If repeatable high-frequency performance is required, check whether the manufacturer provides controlled impedance.

Specifications and tolerances:

Specifications and tolerances are also very important factors that can be inspected by PCB manufacturers. What tolerances can each manufacturer make and do they meet your requirements? A key specification to check is the ratio of the length to width of the drill, the ratio of the PCB thickness to the diameter of the drill hole, and involves the ability to use chemical processes to provide copper-plated holes.

Special base martial:

Whether the manufacturer provides any professional boards, you may need special attention if you encounter unusual items. These types of circuit boards include high-density interconnect (HDI), high-speed digital, radio frequency and microwave, IC substrates and inter layers, ENEPIG and ceramic PCBs.

PCB manufacturing costs

Generally, the quick proofing supplier will choose to answer you from this angle, such a supplier will advertise: “Our cost is the lowest in the industry”. Because for orders: the lowest cost is clearly the main factor in any decision. Reducing costs is part of making a product successful, but care must be taken to ensure that costs are not too low to ensure that product quality meets requirements. So if you want to get the lowest price, remember to balance cost and quality.

In addition, if the supplier answers this, you can ask about potential discounts for bulk orders or frequent orders. Some manufacturers offer discounts or special arrangements for repeat customers. Ask if there are opportunities for these offers to ensure you get the best price.


Maybe there will be answers to your service advantages in PCB production. Because cooperation with companies that provide a large number of services has the following advantages: There is no need to switch between companies throughout the production process. In addition to compilation, there are some services to be found, such as: prototyping, layout and design services, document review and analysis, SMT template production, DXF to Gerber conversion, patchwork, manufacture ability (DFM) services PCB design, etc.

JY is a leading PCB supplier in the industry. Since 2008, we have been providing our customers with high-quality circuit boards with excellent speed and service. There are more than 400 customers worldwide. We can provide various types of boards and help you find the right PCB solution for you. Every time we cooperate with us, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and providing the best PCB to meet your needs. For 2 layer and 4 layer pcb board, we delivery about 150K square meters per month. We have ISO, CE and TS16949 for car board. Our company’s products as shown below.

Do you have questions about choosing a PCB manufacturer, or would you like to learn more about our work? Contact us immediately. We are happy to listen to you.


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