Matte black soldr oil smart product circuit board

Matte black soldr oil smart product circuit board.The customer is a technology company specializing in intelligent robots, intelligent animals and dolls.

The company, founded in 2007, is continuously developing unique product robots. This product circuit board is mainly used for robots to communicate and better understand the volume, tone and speed of speech. The user’s emotions in relation to the control system. Whether it is precision or processing requirements is relatively high.

PCB solder oil

PCB solder oil is an unusual black matte color. This is a higher requirement for the installation. The specifications of the PCB materials are as follows:

Layers: 4

Material: FR4 TG170

Thickness: 1.6mm

Finished copper thickness:1/1/1/1 OZ

Surface treatment: HASL

Solder oil color: matte black

Screen silk color: white

Minimum line width line pitch: 2.7/2.7mil

Minimum aperture: 0.15mm

circuit boardsmart product circuit board

Black solder Circuit Board

The black solder color is not very friendly for later inspection. Because the black solder resistor covers the lead, the following arrangement is difficult to identify. Post-installation maintenance also creates some difficulties. If identifying the SMT machine is also causing difficulty. The phenomenon will not be recognized.

In addition, this product must be copied from the program, tested and brushed. There are some special positions that cannot be brushed while brushing the glue, otherwise the signal will be blocked.

In addition, the requirements for product quality are higher. And the person in charge of the workshop and technology prior to production held a prenatal meeting together.


This paper mainly discusses how to do it without delaying the process. avoid the phenomenon of not being recognized by the SMT machine. avoid the problem of missing inspection. and avoid the wrong brush and missing brush. Finally, it decides to set up a boutique team to carry out special training to deal with this project.

Copied Circuit Board The Program

After brushing the glue, we copied the program. During the process of copying the program, the technician found that 8 sets were defective.X-rays were taken to eliminate the weld problems.

Each section was checked individually and it was found that a short to earth was caused by a customer supply module. We contacted the customer for the first time. Replaced the defective modules with the strong support from the customer. Successfully repaired all 8 defective products.


The technical staff summarizes

During the quality check, it was found that the batch of 1000 sets deviates by 3 sets of brush glue. Which has been corrected.The result was farv beyond our pre-production expectations.The workshop supervisor rewarded the workers for their outstanding ability.

When the technician was making the summary, it was specifically mentioned that the current of the power supply must be stable during the copy program test. Otherwise, it would affect not only efficiency, but above all judgment.

When the technician was making the summary, it was specifically mentioned that the current of the power supply must be stable during the copy program test. Otherwise, this would not only affect the efficiency, but above all the assessment.


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