Medical Device Products-Soft Board

The following figure shows a Medical Device Products-Soft Board soft board, which is used to connect to the function of a similar connector used in a blood analyzer. Due to the advantages of PI’s bending degree, the customer designed the following products to connect the positions of the various detectors.

This customer is a new product developed by a R&D team in the United States. The picture below is already the fourth version.This customer currently produces 11 PCBAs related to medical device products in our company. Since 18 years, samples have been produced 7 times, and now the products are gradually becoming mature.

soft board

Features-Medical Device Products-Soft Board

According to the final characteristics of the product, the customer chose PI as the PCB  soft board. The arrow part uses immersion gold pads, and the other three top ends are designed as connectors because they need to be plugged back and forth.

PCB board

Since the final working environment of the product requires the product to be of high quality, this product requires IPC level 3 or higher. Moreover, the degree of bending and the number of times also have particularly strict requirements.


This product is a simple 2-layer board, and the surface finish process is ENIG.

Because the 4 tops of the PCB need to be soldered with connectors or pads that need to be plugged in. Therefore, the four tops have reinforcement requirements. The detailed lamination is as follows:

detailed lamination

And the tolerances are very strict, and there are individual lines that need to add impedance requirements.


Product renewal events-Soft Board




At the time of the first order in 2018, the document designed by the customer had no arc. In actual use, it is easy to disconnect from the right angle. In the later stage, according to the actual production situation, two kinds of radians were designed, as shown in the figure below.

PCB board detailed lamination




In order to prolong the service life and effect of the product, the customer requested to add teardrops where necessary to protect the circuit. As below,

service life

Teardrop pads are also called teardrop pads, commonly known as “teardrops”, which refers to the teardrop-shaped connection between the pads on the printed board and the copper foil traces to enhance the mechanism of the pads. strength. The advantages of teardrop pads are as follows


  1. a. In electronic circuits, the pin pads of high-power components with a high failure rate often use teardrop pads, which not only allows the pins to be connected reliably, but also does not cause the pads to fall off if the components are replaced multiple times.
  2. b. During production, uneven etching and cracks caused by offset via holes can be avoided.
  3. c. Smooth impedance, reduce the sharp jump of impedance




3.Drill hole

In the products shipped in September 20th, the connectors of some products were bent, so this production customer reduced the size of the holes on the PCB soft board to prevent the connectors from bending when the final shipment was received. This hole is designed to fit with the needle just right, but it is not so convenient for workers to weld, but it solves the problem that the connector is crooked because the hole is too big. Shows below:

PCB board.Drill hole



4.ADD Glue

To further secure the connector, we recommend a glue fix on the connector. After the customer confirmed the possibility of dispensing, we repeatedly studied the dispensing plan. First, the position can only be on both sides of the terminal, because subsequent assembly is required.

And not too much glue will affect the subsequent assembly of the connector with other devices, and it must not leak to another layer. At first we used the glue head of the tape, but the flow of glue was too much.

So we chose to use the syringe needle to control the flow. But the customer still felt that there was too much glue, and the workers in the workshop were brainstorming in order to implement the perfectionism. Later, a little girl suggested to use the brush for nail polish for girls to dispense glue.

Not only can the amount of brush be controlled, but the surface is flat and does not affect subsequent assembly. After several attempts, the customer is very satisfied.The comparison pictures as follows:

ADD GlueADD Glue 2

5.Mold cost


I remember when the customer was initially making the product involved with the cost of the mold. In fact, the mold is an indispensable tool in the final forming and stamping phase of FPC. The shape can be divided into steel shape and knife shape depending on the customer’s size and performance. Like picture below is knife shape.

knife mold


The advantages are as follows:

  • Long service life, high mold precision
  • Effectively increase production capacity and create benefits for customers
  • Greatly reduce the human-made bad factors during manual shearing
  • Provide precision slitting for PCB, FPC substrate and assembled PCBA, FPC


Medical Device Products-Soft Board-Packing:

In order to better protect the violent damage caused by the plug during shipping, we carefully packed the product with lots of protective bubbles. Every product carries the hard work of us and our customers, so the employees also take care of the product like it was a baby. I hope that this intention can be passed on to the customer.

PCB packing

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