Mobile phone GPS VS Car GPS

GPS difference between Mobile phone and Car GPS

Mobile phone GPS positioning and car GPS positioning is essentially the same. Both of them are through THE GPS module, they use of global positioning system to position.  Both of GPS in positioning do not need flow, but the signal strength is different.


Until now, it is estimated that many people will have doubt. Since the principle about the same, why the mobile phone have so many differences between GPS and car GPS?

Let’s discuss this questions today

First: The  WIF Function-CAR GPS VS mobile phone GPS

Mobile phone positioning need open flow or WiFi to positioning, but car do not need it, why?

The signal recept on same way

Here is the answer:

As we know the working principle of GPS positioning satellite reception is the GPS module. Then combined with the electronic map in the memory.  Also on the electronic map show the locations of Settings, is the location of your car.


Mobile phone GPS positioning principle about cars, use the cell phone GPS positioning function, GPS module can use cell phones to locate the satellite reception.

The map is different

The difference is  the map in GPS are offline, merchants will update electronic map content. The owners do not need to download and install, so don’t need a map of networking can also be displayed correctly.


And cell phone use online maps, usually need to be connected to the Internet to download, and then for display. If not connected to the Internet the map won’t appear.



In fact, the same effect can be achieved by downloading offline navigation data in advance for mobile phones. In addition, some people use mobile phones to locate, it does not use GPS positioning function, but uses WiFi positioning or base station positioning.


It is to use your mobile phone and mobile tower or WiFi hotspot to realize the data exchange to locate, which definitely needs to be connected to the Internet.

Second: Stability of signal


The mobile phone positioning signal affected by environment, car positioning signal is more stable?

This is because both of the antenna structure is different.


The GPS on  Cell phone

We know that mobile phone is very small, so it will do a smaller antenna. Which will creates a signal loss is very big, inside device tightly stacked up together. The antenna signal also by phone, camera, memory, and so on.

And sometimes the user hand phone will keep out antenna, so lead to cell phone GPS signal is very poor, is not stable.


The GPS on CAR

A much greater nature of space of GPS, the antenna is not a type, so the experience better, moreover is loading before loading vehicle positioning navigation, or the navigator outside antenna on the roof, the effect and a higher level.

Third:Accuracy and sensitivity-Car GPS,phone GPS

Why mobile phone positioning low positioning accuracy, low sensitivity and many than a car?



Because GPS is mainly dedicated to navigation, the signal is strong and reception is stable. And the merchants will update electronic map content, of course you also download and install in time, or some new roads may not have on your device, then will cause unnecessary trouble.

The GPS on  Cell phone

However, due to the limited space of the antenna, the efficiency of the mobile phone is not high. Generally, the built-in navigation antenna of the mobile phone is narrow and the gain is low, so it is greatly affected by the external environment. In many cases, the GPS antenna cannot be obtained.

Therefore, network positioning is required, and some large-scale activities require temporary mobile base stations, which will affect the base station positioning. Indeed, if the location of other routers has changed, but the wifi location in the database is not updated, it is likely to cause wifi positioning errors.

Fourth: Positioning speed

Cell phone positioning soon, are generally second positioning.  But vehicle positioning requires a certain amount of time, fast for a few seconds, slow for a few minutes when, why?


This also is easy to understand, because in addition to the GPS handset and a called a – the function of the auxiliary GPS positioning.

Agps through base station network (GPRS) to get your cell phone at the moment of communication operation of the base station information (seat) signal base station. It can quickly learn that now you are located, knew the place, that at this point through your head satellite parameter (which few, frequency, the information such as location, elevation) also knew.


GPS devices will searche satelite on purpose, then the search speed is greatly increase. At this time, it need a few seconds to positioning. Which means the GPS module which has A – aided will much faster.


And car positioning during cold start and warm start, star search time is longer. It need to search all the 24 satellites in space to find his head again on which a few is satellite, to determine their own position, so the time is more longer

In the end

Above is the answer for you phone GPS and car GPS is different. Both two kinds of GPS have their own advantages in the use.  Although there are flawed, but it can meet the demand of its USES in the field of its own.