PCB Board Price

What will influence the PCB board price?


When we design a project, we are more concerned about layout and wiring, and often ignore the additional PCB manufacturing cost in the design. Let’s talk about which factors in the design affect the price of pcb to avoid adding costs to customers. PCB Board Price,There are following factors:


  1. Layers
  2. Surface technology
  3. Hole: Plug hole; bland hole and burried hole
  4. solder mask oil
  5. Base material-brand
  6. BGA
  7. Board thickness
  8. The thickness of copper
  9. TG
  10. Circuit width and Circuit spacing
  11. Test way
  12. Customer’s quality acceptance criteria
  13. V-cut
  14. Layer stuck up
  15. Impedance
  16. Tear drop


Let’s introduce the parameters that mainly affect the price:


  1. Layers

The number of layers is good for wiring, but the price increases linearly with the number of layers. The higher the number of layers, the price doubles.


According to the number of layers, we divide single-layer PCB; double-layer PCB and multilayer PCB.


According to the difference between soft and hard, we divide it into hard board; soft board and soft-hard combined board.



We have 14 years of EXPERIENCE in PCB production. We can produce 1-30 layers of hard board, 1-14 layers of soft board and 2-14 layers of soft and hard bonded board

  1. Surface technology PCB Board Price


As shown in the figure below, the three commonly used models are HASL ENIG and OSP.


However, customers will choose according to the final working environment of PCBA products. Normally, the desinger use the HASL more offten and the price is moderate, but ENIG will be more stable.


About the cost, like it named “immersion gold”, this surface finish process has gold in it. Obviously, the price is a bit higher than the others. We not use the following rest surface finishing techniques, so the price is relatively higher.



  1. Hole:PCB Board Price


1) From the perspective of whether it plays the role of electrical connection, there are two kinds of hole:  PTH hole and NPTH hole.  (PTH: Plating through hole, NPTH: no Plating through hole). The former has copper on the hole wall, and the latter does not.


2) When we consider the position of the hole, we can add one type of buried hole. A simple understanding is that the position of the hole is in the middle of the layer structure. Also the hole is buried with the corresponding buried hole ink or PP resin.


The holes are as shown in the figure below. Blind and buried vias are designed to be refitted after drilling and will be more expensive than through holes.


Of course, various holes do not appear in a certain type of printed circuit board alone. According to the needs of circuit design, they are often mixed and matched to achieve high-density and high-precision wiring design.


The price of the PCB board has a lot to do with the number of vias and the size of the vias. In general PCB production, the smaller the drill hole, the more expensive the needle is, and the needle has a life span, and it will be scrapped after how many times it is rotated.




  1. thickness PCB Board Price:

Board thickness:

For the rigid PCB, the commonly used board thickness is 1.5, 1.6. Therefore if special requirements are required, especially thin or thick boards will increase the cost.


Copper thickness: The conventional thickness of copper thickness is 1OZ, and the cost of other thicknesses will increase some costs. 0.5oz or 2oz is also more common, but the cost of other specifications will increase a lot.


  1. TG : TG value indicates the highest temperature at which the base material maintains rigidity. The TG value of the regular price is around 130-140. The cost of 150-160 is too high, if TG


If the value exceeds 170, the cost will increase by 10%-20%, and the plate should be confirmed whether to use isola plate.


  1. Customer’s quality acceptance criteria


Commonly used are: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. The higher the standard, the higher the price.


  1. Test way

  • Mold cost. For samples and small batches, the general plate factory uses the drilling and milling shape, and there is no additional milling fee. How ever if we want to produce the banch orders, we need the puching moud.  A matter of course, the factor will add the extra cost on mould. Generally, the quotation is upwards of RMB 1,000.



  • Test fee:  The sample board generally adopts flying probe test, and the test fee varies according to the number of pads and holes on the PCB. The greater the density of test points, the more expensive the cost.



  1. Circuit width and Circuit spacing:PCB Board Price

The minimum line width and line spacing is controlled to 4/4mil, and the via hole is 8mil (0.2mm). Basically, more than 70% of PCB manufacturers can produce this kind of PCB. But the price is slightly more expensive than the first case not too expensive. However if it is less than 4mil, the price will be a bit more expensive.


The remaining parameters will cost more if they need to be added:

BGA; Circuit width and Circuit spacing; Impedance; Tear drop(as picture below), stuck up.