Pet tracker for PCBA GPS module


Pet locator is a terminal with built-in GPS module. Pet tracker for PCBA ,Short-distance communication module and mobile communication module.It is used to transmit the obtained positioning data to the background server. Through the mobile communication module (2G GPRS or 5G NB-IoT network). So as to query the location or historical track of the terminal (pet) on the computer or mobile phone. In view of the frequent occurrence of more and more pet lost events [1], the pet intelligent locator arises at the right moment and has its useful place.

Why does it exist PET TRACKER

These days, we want to be able to find whatever is important to us.Whether it’s our children, our cars, our packages, or our pets.  Pets are like family members, and people have all kinds of gadgets .To keep abreast of the latest developments of their pets anytime and anywhere. Pet collars and wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular these days. Especially for owners who want to let their dogs and cats roam freely.

Pet trackers can reassure you about your pet’s location .And can choose to alert owners when they leave the backyard or designated ‘safe areas’. They can also provide interesting information, such as the answer to the question “What does my cat do all day?” by plotting the cat’s movements throughout the day. Things like that.

Here are three reasons why pet trackers are the best choice for owners.


(1) Safe outdoor adventures


Many pet owners want to be able to open the door and let their dog .  Or cat wander in or around the backyard without constantly observing them. Pet trackers can give owners peace of mind when their pets are outside alone.  Without the need to invest in fences or feel anxious. Many pet trackers can place a geo-fence around a designated safe area.  Such as a backyard or nearby area, and owners can be notified when their pet takes further risks.  Some pet wearables also use sound  . And vibration to train pets to stay within geo-fenced areas. Thus training them on where not to go and improving their overall behavior.


(2) Learn more about pets

Pet trackers give owners insight into their pets’ movements and whereabouts. Some pet trackers also provide more in-depth data on fitness and activity levels to help keep pets happy and healthy. These trackers can show when activity levels have changed from resting to active, distance traveled. And some can even provide temperature detection so there’s no risk of leaving your pet in a hot car.

(3)When pets are missing, find them

The most obvious and important benefit of finding your pet’s pet tracker.  When they go missing is finding them when they don’t come home. Pet trackers provide location information so you can see where your pet is wandering when it’s been away for too long and you’re worried, and where to find it if it’s far from home. Some devices have a QE code that can display the owner’s contact information if the pet   spott  by a stranger. Other kinds of trackers can even help guide pets home through lights or beeps in the device, or through voice commands recorded by the owner.


The function of pet locator


(1) Double positioning function

pet tracker gps

The positioning function is one of the most basic functions of pet locator. Its positioning accuracy can reach up to five meters, which is able to achieve the precise positioning of pets. The advantage of dual positioning is that when a certain positioning cannot work. It will automatically switch to another way to achieve real-time tracking effect. The collection and transmission of data will not be interrupted.

(2) Check the pet’s historical track, and clearly grasp the pet’s whereabouts.

Through computers and mobile apps, we can check the whereabouts of our pets in real time and know where they have been, which can help us get a rough idea of their range of movement.

(3) Electronic fence alarm


What does this function mean? We can set the safe range of pet activities on the map. When it goes out of the safe range, your mobile phone APP will receive the alarm message, and then take timely measures to know whether there is any abnormal situation.

The above are the basic functions of pet locator. At present. Some technology companies specializing in positioning products can also customize more functions on this basis. Which needs to be determined according to the needs of customers.

Good FOR Pet tracker for PCBA

(1) Health testing: with the help of the pet management APP.  The steps and exercise status of cats and dogs will be reported accordingly. So that pet owners can analyze and predict their health.

(2) High efficiency management: through the combination of pet locator and pet comprehensive management platform, the city manager can timely and effectively supervise and control pet information, sports area, quarantine status and other information collected through the pet locator.

(3) information management: the city management staff can use management platform. To wear the pet information management terminal equipment, corresponding to the head of the household management.  Yearly check registration management, vaccine management monitoring, query, statistics, etc..  To simplify office process of urban management staff, realize the paperless office. In general, intelligent pet locator is beneficial to both pet owners and city managers. Pets are becoming more and more like family members to accompany us. Once the family is anxious and anxious, the use of pet locator can make the family feel at ease . And facilitate the government’s management of urban pets.