What is a Pet Tracker?

Pet Tracker is a caring smart device . It can track your little pet in real time with the GPS system built into the phone. Our JY company has worked with Hong Kong customers for a long time. And we have researched a set of pet tracker China pcb PCBA boards. And this PCBA board has already started trial mass production last year.

pet tracker

As we all know, pets are good friends of our human beings. We all take good care of our pets. However, many young owners may lose their pets because of their carelessness. After losing the pet, of course he or she would be very anxious. After fully considering this issue, JY  designed this pet tracker specifically for pet owners. The structure design of this pet tracker is a terminal with a built-in GPS module .And it also has a mobile communication module, which is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through the mobile communication module. So that it can be implemented on a computer or mobile phone. Querying the location of the terminal perfectly solves the problem of missing pets. JY Design uses rounded shapes as the keynote in its appearance design. The overall shape is simple and lively. The designers of every small detail of the design have carefully thought about it. Next, let me introduce to you the specific functions and scope of application of this PCBA.

What kind of pet tracker pcb China does JY produce ?

pet tracking chip

Specific functions:

  1. Real-time GPS monitoring and positioning, real-time tracking of dual positioning with base station (SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP)
  2. With SOS emergency call function, you can call out 3 numbers at the same time. And you can press the SOS button to accurately locate in an emergency.
  3. There is an alarm clock function to remind in time.
  4. Real-time GPS monitoring positioning/base station assisted positioning supports single positioning and continuous tracking
  5. You can set 6 dialing family numbers
  6. To locate the holder by phone or SMS, know the location of the ward without going to the platform
  7. Real-time trajectory tracking accurate to the second.
  8. Emergency alarm/cross-zone alarm/electronic fence/low battery alarm, historical track recording, playback 10. Remote monitoring, high-sensitivity microphone, can monitor without disturbing the tracked person, real-time tracking, suitable for children to the elderly Hand design


Scope of application:

  1. used for the guardianship of children, the elderly, and pets
  2. personal safety precautions, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts
  3. Field staff management
  4. Car rental
  5. Small fleet management
  6. Wilderness travel adventure
  7. Criminal investigation, criminal tracking

pet tracker pcb assembly

What are the Product Highlights of our JY pet tracker pcb China?

It only need to charge once. And this tracker can support up to two days of real-time and historical tracking of pets, coupled with the electronic fence alarm function. It allows the owner to alert when the pet runs out of the specified range. This tracker also has a low battery The notification alarm reminds the owner to remember to charge. This compact device also integrates ultra-miniature AMY GPS and LEON GSM surface-adhesive modules. And it makes this compact wearable collar allows the owner to keep track of the whereabouts of pets through Android smartphones. No matter where they go. They can be found. This means that tracking technology has reached the requirements for integration, low power consumption and reliability required for practical applications of ultra-miniature, battery-powered devices. JY has realized excellent advanced positioning technology, allowing us to develop a practical and reliable pet tracker with a long battery life.

As a result, we are moving towards a new turning point. Now satellite tracking technology can be easily and practically integrated into any important device in a cost-effective manner. For millions of people around the world, pets are not just animals kept in the family, but one of the important members of the family.


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