Application of wire band in circuit board

Wire Ferrules In Circuit Board, the customer is a technology company specializing in intelligent tracking and intelligent early warning systems. Founded in 2007, it is a company that continuously develops unique products. Both precision and processing requirements are relatively high.

PCB material

PCB is a common PCB material, the specifications of PCB material are as follows:

Number of floors: 2

Material: FR4 TG170

Thickness: 1.6mm

Finished copper thickness: 1/1 OZ

Surface treatment: spray tin

Soldering oil color: green

Screen color: white

Minimum line width and distance: 2.7/2.7mil

Minimum aperture: 0.15mm

Customer requirements

When I checked the customer’s specific requirements, I found that the customer had to strip off a piece of untinned wire and cover it with a ferrule. Because the cables are very thin, such sheaths are not very common and not easy to find. Our purchasing colleagues searched many channels and found a house that satisfied customers. Let’s take a look at the main function of the metal bushing:

Circuit board: main impact

If the stranded wire is inserted into the junction box and then clamped, this will create tension in the wire. In addition, if you have to move the twisted pair from the junction box to another location, the twisted pair may be damaged, protect the thin wires from abrasion, and then send it into the junction box. Ferrules are also useful because they allow repeated insertion/removal and eliminate the number of stray wires. The insulating ferrule provides better guidance for inserting the stranded wire into the ferrule and helps to maintain a minimum bend radius in a tight position. When choosing a crimping tool, the difference in crimp shape becomes obvious at the largest crimping place. Once you know the shape of the terminal space in the block, you can use tools to create the best curl shape that meets your needs.

Wire ties in circuit boards

In addition, the product needs to be tested. There are a few special positions that cannot be brushed when brushing glue, otherwise the signal will be blocked. In addition, the requirements for product quality are higher. Workshop leaders and prenatal technicians held a prenatal meeting together. This article mainly discusses how to avoid delaying the process, avoid the phenomenon that the placement machine does not recognize, avoid the problem of missed inspection, and avoid errors. brush. Finally decided to set up a boutique team to conduct special training to deal with this project.

During the quality inspection, it was found that 1000 sets of batch numbers and 3 sets of glue were applied. Corrected. The result far exceeded our pre-production expectations. The workshop supervisor praised the workers’ performance.

When making a summary, the technical staff specifically mentioned that the current of the power supply must be stable when copying the program test, otherwise it will not only affect the efficiency, but also affect the judgment more importantly.

The customer urgently needs this item. After all the quality checks are OK, we pack immediately. The customer is very satisfied after receiving the product, especially the details of the flashing machine and the speed of our quick troubleshooting to find out the reason for the product failure.