The Function And Benefits Of Pet Tracker

What is pet tracker? Pet tracker is a terminal with GPS module, and mobile communication module built in.Which is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by GPS module ,to a server on the Internet through G S M or G P R S network.So that the terminal location for inquired, on the computer or mobile phone. Because of the frequent occurrence of pet loss events, pet tracker emerged, and more and more popular in our lives.

Now we want to find anything that is important to us, whether it’s our children, cars, parcels, or our pets. Pets are like family members, and people have a variety of gadgets that can keep up-to-date with pets anytime and anywhere. Now, pet collars and wearable devices are becoming more popular, especially for owners who want their cats and dogs to move freely.

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The appearance characteristics of tracker

The pet tracker is small in shape and suitable for the pet body. It is can use for worn by large golden retrievers, side herders, small teddy dogs, or pet cats when they are going out.

Main functions of tracker

(1) Double positioning

LBS base station positioning and GPS satellite positioning, double positioning, continuous positioning through GPS.When GPS needs full coverage, positioning will be conducted through LBS, and GPRS will upload data to the server.

(2) Dog training function

Tracker equipment has vibration function and pets are very sensitive to vibration. We can use this function to train pets, improve pet barking, running and other bad behaviors, and cultivate good habits of pets.

(3) Electronic fence

We can set the safety range of pet activities. If the pet goes out of the safety range, our mobile app will receive alarm information and can check the pets in time.

(4) Track playback

We can check the pet history behavior footprint, and clearly grasp the pet’s whereabouts.

(5) Intelligent alarm

When pets leave the safety range set by us, the equipment is low-power or the equipment is offline, our mobile app terminal will receive alarm information, which can grasp the operation status of the equipment at all times and ensure the use effect.

(6) LED light dog searching

Our mobile app can remotely control the LED lights of the device.

Pet tracker allows us to know where pets are at any time and can choose to alert us when they leave the designated “safe area”, and they can also provide interesting information, such as “what do our cats do all day?”” drawing a daily activity road map for cats?”.


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 Here are three reasons why pet tracker is our best choice:


The frist one is Safe outdoor exploration

The second is Learn more about pets

The third is we can find pets when they are missing


1.Safe outdoor exploration


We like to let our pets play outdoors, but we hope we don’t need to watch them often, or we can know it’s safe. When pets are out alone, pet trackers can reassure us. Many pet trackers can be fenced around designated. Security areas (such as backyard or nearby areas). And we can receive notifications ,when pets take further risks. Some pet wearable devices also use sound and vibration to train pets to stay in a geo fenced area, so they can be trained to know where they should not go and improve the overall behavior of pets.


2.Learn more about pets

Pet tracker can let us know the activities and directions of pets. Some pet trackers also provide more in-depth data on fitness and fitness levels to help keep pets happy and healthy. These trackers can show the time, walking distance, and some even provide temperature detection to show the time and distance when the activity level changes from rest to active state, so that there is no risk of keeping pets in hot cars.

3.When pets are missing, we can find them


The most obvious and important benefit of pet trackers is that we can find them when they don’t go home. Pet trackers provide location information. So that pets can be seen wandering.When they leave too long, and we are worried.And where they will stay found. If they are far away from home. Some devices have Q E code.If the pet is found by strangers.The contact information of the owner can be displayed. High end trackers can even help guide pets home through lights or beeps in the device, or through voice commands recorded by the owner.

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 How to locate pets with pet tracker

Pet tracker can provide location.In a variety of ways, depending on the manufacturer. Of the device and the positioning technology used. An important consideration ,  is battery life – if your pet is lost.We need to make sure that the device is fully charged, otherwise it may not be charged when we can’t find a pet.