What can circuit boards do?

Circuit boards introduction

  • The composition of the circuit boards

The circuit boards is the most important electronic component, and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. Its design is mainly layout design. The use of circuit boards can greatly reduce wiring and assembly errors. Increased automation and production labor rates.

Usually on the insulating material, according to the expected design, the conductive pattern made of printed circuits. Printed components or a combination of the two  a printed circuit. The conductive pattern can connect between the components is obtained on the insulating substrate, which named  printed circuit.  We call the finished board of the printed circuit as a printed circuit board.

  • Classification of circuit boards

According to the number of layers of the circuit board, it divided into single, double, four-layer, six-layer and other multi-layer circuit boards.

Since the printed circuit board is not a general terminal product, the definition of the name is slightly confusing. For example, the motherboard for personal computers is called the motherboard, but not directly called the circuit board. Although there are circuit boards in the motherboard, but they are not the same. So the two are related but cannot say be the same when assessing the industry.

Another example: because there are integrated circuit parts loaded on the circuit board, it is called an IC board. But it is not the same as a printed circuit board in essence. When we usually speak of a printed circuit board, we mean a bare board – that is, a circuit board with no components on it.


The role of pcb circuit board diagram:

The pcb circuit board diagram is a diagram specially can use for component assembly and machine repair services. It is essentially different from various circuit diagrams. The main functions of the pcb circuit board diagram are as follows:

  • The specific location of a component in the electrical schematic diagram can find on the actual circuit board through the pcb circuit board diagram. It is inconvenient to search without the pcb circuit board diagram.
  • The pcb circuit board diagram plays the role of communication between the electrical schematic diagram and the actual circuit board. It is one of the indispensable drawings and materials to facilitate repairs. Without the pcb circuit board diagram, it will affect the repair speed and even hinder the smooth operation of normal maintenance ideas.
  • The pcb circuit board diagram shows the distribution and specific position of each component on the circuit board in the electrical schematic diagram. And can give the direction of the connection (copper foil line) between the pins of each component.
  • The pcb circuit board diagram is a very important repair material, and the situation on the circuit board can draw on the pcb circuit board diagram one by one.


Application of PCB

  •  The application of pcb in medical equipment

Today’s rapid progress in medical science can closely relate to the rapid development of the electronics industry. Many microbial devices and other devices are based on separate PCBs. Such as: pH meters, heartbeat sensors, temperature measurement, EKG, EEG, MRI, X-ray, CT scan, blood pressure machine, blood sugar level measurement equipment , incubators and other medical equipment.

  •  The application of pcb in industrial equipment

Pcb is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially those industries with high power machinery and equipment. They are driven by circuits that operate on high power and require high current. As a result, thick layers of copper  laminated on the PCB. Unlike complex electronic PCBs, which can draw up to 100 amps of current. This is especially important in applications such as arc welding, large servo motor drives, lead-acid battery chargers, military industry, garment cotton machines, etc.

  •  The application of pcb in lighting

We see LED lights around and high intensity LEDs, these small LEDs provide high brightness and can mount on a PCB according to an aluminum substrate. Aluminum has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating it in the air. Therefore, due to the high power, these aluminum circuit boards can usually use in LED lamp circuits for medium and high power LED circuits.

  • The application of pcb in the automotive and aerospace industries

The most common reverberation generated by the movement of airplanes and cars uses a PCB called Flex PCB. It is  to meet these high-force vibrations and make the PCB flexible. Flexible PCBs are lightweight but can withstand high vibrations.   Because of their light weight, they can reduce the overall weight of the spacecraft.


Even in tight spaces, flexible pcbs can  adjust, which is a big advantage they occupy. These flexible PCBs can use connectors, interfaces, and can  assemble even in tight spaces, such as: behind panels, under dashboards, etc.