What is an online tester-circuit board test

circuit board test-On line tester is an on-line static test equipment for circuit board.

Which mainly tests speed, detection rate.Test stability and ease of use of test software.

In circuit tester (ICT for short)

An online circuit board static test equipment, which is called ICT / ATE / ATS test in the industry!

ICT (in circuit test system).Commonly known in Chinese as on-line tester .

Is mainly used for the test of assembled circuit board (PCBA). “Online” here is a literal translation of “in circuit”.Which mainly refers to the electronic components on the line.

On line test is a test technology that continuously opens the circuit without removing the component pins. “On line” reflects that ICT focuses on detecting the assembly problem of circuit board through the test of components on the circuit or open and short circuit state.

It mainly tests the open and short circuit, resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, triode, transistor, IC and other components of the circuit board!

Main functions of circuit board test on-line test

In the early days, ate equipment was also classified as ICT in the industry, but ate testing was relatively difficult

Basically, the large circuit manufacturers in which they are located need to use ICT testing, such as ASUS, Dell, IBM, Intel, BenQ, MSI, HP, etc!

The world’s large ICT test, equipment manufacturers mainly include Agilent (USA). Tereda (USA).Dezhi. SRC Xinghe and other brands.

The test principles of ICT of different brands are the same or similar. Around the 1980s, during,Japan simplified and miniaturized similar ,products in the United States.

And changed them to pneumatic press type.Represented by tescon and Okano in Japan.

Which made ICT easy to use and low-cost.Made it an indispensable and necessary testing ,equipment for electronic factories, and rapidly popularized it.

Development history of circuit board test online test

subsequently,in the 1980s.Taiwan gradually became an important base,for electronic OEM manufacturing.

From the source of electronic .And computer fakes that bothered the West all over the world. In the late 1980s and early 1990s.Taiwan began to completely imitate tescon tester .And launched many brands of press ICT.

Its price was lower, forcing Japan’s tescon.Which once had the largest market share in the world.To fade out of the market. And the market share has been greatly .

Increased due to the great development .Of Taiwan’s electronic generation industry. Since the 1970s, similar static testers have been developed in China.

Then in 1993, Chinese local brands took the lead in Japan.South Korea.Taiwan and Hong Kong to develop the first Windows version ICT in Asia.

Today, tereda and Agilent are still leading brands .And have become the de facto standards of such technologies!

1.Its advantages

1). Shorten the test time:

Generally, the assembly of circuit boards, such as about 300 parts, takes about 3-4 seconds for ICT.

For complex, it also includes the function test after power on, such as TTL, opamp, frequency, tree, bscan, memory, etc., so ate is independent of another category!

2). Consistency of test results:

ICT quality setting function can strictly control the quality through computer control.

3). It is easy to repair defective products:

ICT has a variety of testing technologies, high reliability, and accurate detection of defective varieties.

4). The demand for the level of testers and technicians is reduced:

as long as ordinary operators can operate and maintain.

5). increase of efficiency:

Reduce inventory, standby frequency and maintenance inventory pressure, and greatly improve the yield of production.

6). Improve quality:

Greatly improve the quality. Reduce the defective rate of products ,and improve the corporate image.

2.Its definition

ICT on-line tester is a standard test ,method to check manufacturing defects .And poor components by testing the electrical performance .And electrical connection of on-line components.

It mainly checks the on-line single component .And the open and short circuit of each circuit network. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and fast, accurate fault location and so on.

Moreover, Flying needle ICT basically only carries out static testing. Its advantage is that it does not need to make fixtures .And the program development time is short. Needle bed ICT can test the functions, of analog devices and logic of digital devices, with high fault coverage.

However, it is necessary to make a special needle bed fixture for each single board. And the fixture manufacturing and program development cycle is long.

3.Scope and characteristics of ICT-circuit board test

Check the electrical performance, of online components on the finished board .And the connection of circuit network. It can quantitatively measure resistance, capacitance, inductance, crystal oscillator ,and other devices.

Firstly,Test the functions of diodes, triodes, optocouplers, transformers, relays, operational amplifiers, power modules, etc..

And Secondlytest the functions of small, and medium-sized integrated circuits, such as all 74 series, memory, common drive, switching and other ICs.

 however It can find the defects of manufacturing process ,and the defects of components ,by directly testing the electrical performance ,of on-line devices.

Thirdly,Component class can check out the out of tolerance, failure or damage of component value, memory class program error, etc.

For the process, such faults as solder short circuit, wrong insertion, reverse insertion, missing installation of components, cocked pin, false soldering, PCB short circuit, wire break and so on can be found.

After that,The tested faults are directly located on specific components, device pins and network points, and the fault location is accurate.

The maintenance of faults does not require more professional knowledge.

The automatic test controlled by program has the advantages ,of simple operation and fast test.

In other words, test time of single board ,is generally a few seconds to tens of seconds.

4.Its significance

In conclusionOnline test is usually the first test process in production.Which can timely reflect the production.

And manufacturing status .There  for conducive to process improvement and promotion.

The fault board tested by ICT online tester .Can greatly improve production efficiency. And reduce maintenance cost .

Therefore accurate fault location and convenient maintenance.

most importantly of its specific test items, it is one of the important test means for quality, assurance of modern mass production.