Where pcb is used

PCB board is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components.  then, PCB board for what aspects?With the rapid development of the pcb industry.it plays an important role in the medical equipment.industrial equipment.lighting.automotive and aerospace industries.


1.PCB application in medical equipment

The rapid development of industry affects the industry development.Many microbiological equipment and other equipment are separate basic PCB. such as: pH meter. heartbeat sensor.

medical board


2, PCB application in industrial equipment

PCB application  in manufacturing.Those high-power mechanical equipment.A thick layer of copper is pressed onto the top . Unlike sophisticated electronic PCB. The current of these high-power  .This is important in arc welding. Large servo motor drivers. Lead-acid battery chargers. Military industries,clothing cotton machines and other applications.

 PCB application in lighting

We see around the LED lights and high intensity LED. These small LED provide high brightness light. Aluminum pcb has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating .Therefore, due to the high power. The aluminum pcb application in LED lamp for medium and high power LED circuits.


PCB for LEDs in the lighting industry include the following:

(1) Telecommunication:

Telecommunication equipment typically uses PCB to control LED indicator lights and displays.Lightweight and durable PCB are often advantageous in this industry. Because the mechanical density in the industry.Aluminium application in telecommunications lighting normaly. Because their better heat transfer properties than the FR4 variant.

(2)Automotive industry:

PCB LED displays are common in the automotive industry. Dashboard indicator lights. headlights. brake lights and advance panel displays.The industry particularly favors LED. Because their low manufacturing costs and impressive durability. They can increases the value and life of vehicles.

(3)Computer Technology Industry:

PCB-based LED are becoming increasingly common in the computer technology industry. They are  found in desktop and notebook computer monitors. Because the heat sensitivity of computer technology. Aluminum based PCB is particularly suitable for LED lighting in computers.

(4)Medical industry:

Lighting tools are important in medical applications.Especially in surgical and emergency applications. Its high light can help improve doctor’s visibility.LED are often the preferred lighting method for their power and small size.application in the basis normaly. Especially aluminum PCBs. They have a longer service life.

(5)Residential and storefront applications:

In addition to the uses listed above. PCB LED are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses. Smart LED lighting is a cheap way for homeowners.  The customizable displays can direct business to the storefront.

LED board                            LED pcb board                             LED pcb



4, PCB application in automotive and aerospace industry

In order to satisfy these high force vibrations.We use Flex PCB for sports aircraft and cars. It makes the flexible.Flexible are light in weight. It can withstand high vibrations. Because their light weight .They can reduce the total weight of the spacecraft.

Flexible can adjuste in narrow Spaces. It is a big advantage.These flexible serve as connectors, interfaces, and can  assembly   in compact Spaces.

pcb carpcb car boardpcb car board


Some of the more common aerospace applications :


(1)Monitoring equipment: 

Instrumentation, including accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, and torque and force sensors. They all use it as part of their basic function.These products application in the engines and cockpits of aircraft. Also have communicate with ground control systems.


(2)Test equipment:

In addition to its function as an aircraft.And  in the development and testing of aircraft.The test equipment can collects data during structural, vibration, and flight tests uses a PCB as the core.

This data can application in develop more efficient.efficient and safer aircraft.



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