Q:What is 86PCB?
86PCB is a professional online PCB&PCBA order website, which can supply pcb&pcba, components purchasing-one stop service.

Q:What do your engineers do ? Can thay offer design or pcb layout ?
Yes, we offer. Our engineer team not only supply design service but also solve all kinds of problems for customers.

Q: If I don’t have gerber file, only schematic, can I get PCBs?
Yes, we can supply gerber file based on schematic and make PCB for you.

Q:How do you ship boards to my country or agent?
We ship PCB and PCBA to your country by sea shipping , or by air .

Q: Is it ok if I want some free samples?
Yes, we can supply you free samples if you have mass production order.

Q: What time can I contact you?
Our online working time is 7*24 hours.

Q: If I send you my design, how can you make sure that the design will not be known by others.
Bofore you send us the files about the project, in order to guarantee the safety of your design,We will sign NDA.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity if I want to order PCB ?
We don’t have MOQ.We accept any quantity even one piece.

Q: If I want to get quotation of Aluminum PCB, Metal Core PCB, LED PCB, what should I do?
You can kindly send us gerber file ,specifications of your requirement, we will quote immediately for you.

Q: if I have special requirments about pcb material , how to deal with it ?
A:We can make many kinds of special material PCB, for more details, please contact our sales.

Q:Can I increase the quantity if I have placed an order?
A:Once you have placed an order, it is impossible to change the original quantity online, but you can contact us, we will fix it for you.

Q:How to place a repeat order for those orders I have placed before?
A: It’s quite easy to reorder bare board pcbs. You even needn’t to resend files. Please refer to the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Login and enter My Order section, click on the order you want to reorder, then click view to enter Order snapshot page.

Step 2: Click Reorder button to enter reordering page. Double click on the circuit spec, fill in the quantity, lead time and other bare board specs you want, then click Add to Cart button to submit the order and release the payment.

Step 3: Please pay attention to any email from 86pcb.com. We will send you questions (if there’s any) and your order status through emails .

Note: The above mentioned steps based on your PCB design has no modification or you just modify your PCB on silkscreen layer & wiring layer. Otherwise, you have to place it as a new order.

Q:How to test the quality before I place a mass order?
A: If you have a mass PCB or PCBA order, it is better to make prototypes first to test the quality, we can refund the prototyping fee when you place the mass order.

Q:Under what circumstances will be charged extra?
A:We may charge additional cost due to the unstable exchange rate when you have placed an order while you didn’t provide the gerber within 14 days.

Q:I just placed an bare board order, but I’d like to assemble the bare pcb, how I can do?
A:Absolutely. We can assemble those boards. But for PCB assembly,you have to provided us with the following file.


Note:If this is possible, please submit a quote request on Assembly quote page . The assembly cost will be given within 1-2 working days. With your approval, we’ll set up assembly.

Q:I placed an order days ago but haven’t received any emails.What should I do?
A:Don’t worry about that, please don’t hesitate to contact with our customer service. They will reply you at the earliest. A:If your files are all good for manfuacturing and there’s no need to do any confirmation, you should get a notification email about estimated shipping date in 2 working days since you placed the order.
Sometimes our emails will be transferred into your emailbox’s junk folder, please have a check and add us on your safe sender lists. If you have not heard from us within 2 working days, please reach us at inquiry@bld-pcba.com for order status.

Q:If there is something wrong with my pcb, can it be reworked?
A:Of course. But you have to send us some high res image for our reference and need to ensure that it is not caused by yourself.

Q:I’d like to know the difference between laser cut stencil & chemical etch stencil, Which is cheaper?
A:The laser cut stencil is more accurate than the chemical etched stencil, but its price is a little higher than the chemical etched stencil.

Q:How much and where can I find your stencil prices?
A:Our stencil charge is USD33 for one piece and for exactly information please contact our sales

Q:What’s the MOQ for PCBA order?
A:Our MOQ for PCBA is 1 piece.

Q: Can design be changed after get your quotation?
A:Yes, pleasesed us your updated files, we will check and requote for you.

Q:What should I do? After send pcba inquiry on website no one contact me, what should I do?
A:Sorry about this problem, pls call us +86 411 66361648 then will has sales contact you.

Q:Who should I contact if I want to reorder ?
A:Pls contact your previous sales or call us +86 411 66361648 contact sales department.

Q:Do you supply components and how you ensure the quality?
A:Yes we supply components,before assembly we have QA to check components quality and after assembly we have QC to recheck.

Q: What test do you have for pcba order?
A:PCB electronic test, component checking by QA, performance test after assembly.

Q: Can you do 0201 components assembly?
A: Yes we can.

Q: Can you do Chip program ?
A: Yes we can, pls supply chip type number and the software to our seller.

Q:Do you supply plastic case for our product?
A: We supply customzied plastic or metal housing/enclosure for your PCBA products

Q: Do you have UL certificate?
A: Yes, we have our UL code, we add it according your requirement.

Q: What’s pcb making standards?
A: We will make your PCB according IPC6012 CLASS 2 or CLASS 3.

Q: Could you let us know your Dielectric Constant of FR4 material?
A: This depend on your requiremwent, we have all kinds of material to build your PCB.

Q: What is the largest size of PCB you can make?
A: 450MM*1200MM

Q: What is the largest size of panel you can assemble?
A: 450MM*550MM

Q: Could you offer custom layer stack up?
A: Yes, we do, in order to guaantee your pcb work well, we can offer it to you.

Q: Could you control impedance?
A: Yes, we do, we can control it with high precision.

Q: Could you do BGA assembly and X-RAY testing?
A: All of BGA pitch distance smaler than 0.4mm, will have to go though X-RAY testing.

Q: What files should I provide if order PCB or PCBA ?
A:To make a PCB, please provide gerber file, If you need PCBs be assembled, you should also provide us BOM list and Pick&place file .

Q: How should I do if I need change pcb file or BOM list of my order?
A:Until finally confirmed you may change the files without any cost, you could mail to inquiry@bld-pcba.com to send the update files. Once the project has been started,there will be some extra cost to be charged.

Q: Before order, I want confirm if you have capacibility to make my boards.Can you firstly check the files?
A: NO problem,please send it to inquiry@bld-pcba.com, our engineer will check it and give a reply soon.In fact we could manufacture almost all kinds of PCB boards.

Q: What is BOM list?/What infomation are necessary?
A:BOM is bill of material. BOM contains all infomation of components, the important info are Quantity,Value,Package,Part No.and so on.

Q: Can you make PCB fast delivery such as 24-48 hours?
A:Yes we can,but the cost is higher than common lead time.

Q: How many days for making PCB?
A:Usually 2-4 working days for PCB samples, 10-15 working days for bulk order.

Q: How long does it take for a PCBA order?
It depends on project, from PCB making to components purchasing till assembly work, it usually cost 2-4 weeks.

Q: What ‘s the lead time for stencil?
A:About 2 working days after confirming final stencil production file.

Q: What payment term are available? / Can I pay via PayPal,T/T,Western Union?
We accept Paypal,T/T,Western Union. If you have any other questions about paymemt,please contact us to inquiry@bld-pcba.com