Below is one of my clients who mainly do video phone projects, we help him solve several main problems well, so the clients emailed me his glad experience about the cooperation.

Frances, 86PCB

control board for video phone

Our company’s main project is video phone. At present, 86PCB is helping us to produce a type of video phone control board. The main trading country is in the Middle East and other countries, and has maintained good reputation in the past 3 years.

Because of the aesthetic problems, our products use a transparent housing, this requires the PCB board must be clean and free of any material residue. The circuit board is black, so it is obvious if there is a little dirty place, which makes the PCB cleaning difficult.

In addition, the product needs to be applied with different functions, so the chips on the printed circuit board need to be detachable. But the chips are soldered to the PCB board, there is no way to achieve quick replacement. To achieve this function is undoubtedly a problem for suppliers.

We found other companies before, but the samples produced did not meet our requirements with the cleanliness of the board and the way of chip replacement, so we found 86PCB, new brand of JY electronic. After we communicated the above problem, 86PCB responded quickly and helped us solve them.

  1. Regarding the PCB cleanliness, they gives two treatment methods. One method is to use a wash water to clean, but the surface has a cotton swab with residual cotton swabs, and the traces of the wash water are obvious. The second method is to use tearable ink to ensure the cleanliness of the circuit board, when the goods arrive, we will tear it off when installing the shell. They also provided us with two videos of test methods, which made us understand the difference between the two methods. Through the video we can intuitively see that the second method can solve our problems perfectly, and the PCB circuit board surface achieves 100% cleanliness.
  2. After understanding the reason and mode of chip replacement, 86PCB suggested they can increase the chip holder and bend the chip pin to ensure that the chip can be replaced quickly. This way, no matter who they all can replace it smoothly, no need Then find a professional person to replace it.

Besides the above two problem we mentioned, 86PCB helped us solved 2 troubles we ignored, which extend the products’ life and save our time.

video phone control board assembly

  • We use a lot of crystals in our design. However, uncertainties in the transportation process, including time, bumps on the way, moisture, etc., will cause the sensitivity of the crystal to decrease, which brings us trouble. So 86PCB modify the package to increase the shock-proof and moisture-proof packaging bags to avoid problems during transportation. In addition, each batch of goods adds 20-30 crystal oscillators to replace the same type of crystal oscillator if we find the crystal oscillator is not sensitive.
  • This product has been designed by a 15 years’ experience designer and has been mass-produced for up to 3 years. Some of the components have been updated or even discontinued. They informed us as soon as they knew the news, help us find the replacement parts, and give us the detailed parameters and prices of the various replacement parts for our reference. Not only avoid the shortage of components, which leads to the suspension of production, but also saves us a lot of search time.

On many difficult issues, 86PCB has always found reasonable solution and suitable suggestion for us, which laid the foundation for our long-term cooperation. At present, we have cooperated for more than three years. Thanks for giving us reasonable suggestions from a professional point of view and actively solving the problems we raised. The cooperation with 86PCB has been very happy, and I hope that we can continue to cooperate and achieve a win-win situation.

86PCB specialize in PCB Manufacturing, Components Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Housing Assembly, Function Test etc.

Got the certification of TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO.

ERP system can clearly record the information and changes of each project and manage the data well. 

PCB/PCBA projects for more than 80 countries with good quality and suitable price

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