With the rapid development of economy and technology, the rise of electronic industry has become an inevitable trend of social development, PCB is the backbone of the electronics industry. If you want to ensure the perfect function of PCB, you should choose a good PCBA company.

What is PCBA?

PCBA is printed circuit board + components assembly. It is the process of combining electronic components with bare circuit boards. It is mainly divided into SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) and DIP soldering (Dual In-line Package Soldering). In addition, many PCBA companies are now responsible for other follow-up processes, such as installation programs, performance tests, and so on. We can understand PCBA as finished product of electronic circuit board.


Why do you need PCBA manufacturer?

PCBA manufacturers provide one-stop services–electronic components purchase, PCB procurement, SMT, DIP processing and testing etc. The customer only needs to provide complete information for PCBA (such as gerber file, BOM, pick and place file, testing guide, etc.) and then wait for the delivery. Using PCB assembly manufacturer is a popular phenomenon in electronic area. PCBA company usually has a sound department system, clear division of labor and rich experience. They have a wide range of sourcing channels that can help customers save costs and time. If electronic products need to be mass-produced, the placement work cannot be performed manually, and assembly equipment and technicians are required. Therefore, it has become a trend to find a PCBA manufacturer that provides one-stop services in the electronics industry.

How to choose a Right PCBA Manufacturer?

When you decide to cooperate with a PCBA manufacturer to help you assemble circuit boards, you need to find a company has rich experience and skills. In so many companies, how can to find the right one? Normally, mainly include the following characteristics:

1.Keeping Time

A qualified PCBA company should first of all be punctual. The customers cooperate with PCBA company is to finish the electronic product as soon as possible and get an earlier opportunity in the market, and maybe can influence your customer’s projects if your PCBA can not delivery on time. So before you hand the project to a company, please make sure whether they are punctual and can ensure to delivery the goods on time.


In recent years, the PCBA industry is experiencing great challenges. Some poorly managed or bad quality PCBA manufacturers were close down one after another. Years of experienced reflects the strength of a PCBA manufacturer in some extent. In addition, you should also know about the company’s quantity and projet fields they have served, and whether they have made electronic PCB products related to your industry and so on.


First of all, checking whether the factory production equipment is complete. A normal and complete PCBA production line should be equipped with solder paste printing, SMT, reflow soldering, wave soldering, AOI detector, X-ray and other equipment.

Secondly, we should ask whether the capability of equipment can meet your process requirements, such as the minimum packaging for SMT machine to assemble, the maximum PCB board width that the equipment can process.

Thirdly,you need to see if the company has certifications, for example ISO9001, TS16949.The more certificates, the more professional the factory can be. By checking the qualification certificate, you can see the production quality and management of this PCBA company.

Lastly, the PCBA manufacturer provide a one-stop service would be more beneficial. If PCBA company can complete the installation procedure and test, it is better to check the performance of the circuit board, and if there is any problem, it can be solved before delivery.

4. Service

Moreover, a good PCBA company should not only finish production, but also keep close contact with customers. They should always update the status of the order to the customer, inform the customer immediately if there is any problem or they have a better suggestion about the project, and discuss with the customer for beter solution. It is also important whether they can accept any kinds of assemble requirements. Good cooperation, fast response, professional skills can let you free from worry. A good sense of service can take the initiative to take responsibility when customers encounter problems and quickly help customers to solve problems.


Price is not the only factor to consider whether can cooperate or not, but it is still an important aspect. You need to know the MOQ, price of samples,  price of mass production. More quantity, the unit price can be lower. If need special test or packaging, the cost will definitely be higher than just assembling components. And the distance from the PCBA company will also affect the cost, if the product weight and volume are large, you have to consier the freight factor.

There are high and low price in printed circuit board assembly industry, but lowest is not the best. Because purchase from formal channel original outfit electronic component cost of original factory is nearly transparent, if the quotation is far below than the industry standard, you should keep your eyes open, smaybe ome opportunistic manufacturers use second-hand or counterfeit to reduce the cost, which has a great impact on the stability of product quality. So don’t just go for low price.

6. Location

PCB industry is spread all over the world, developed countries in Europe and America started early, technology and development are relatively advanced. In recent years, China has gradually improved its position in the electronic manufacturing industry by virtue of its advantages in labor force, resource and policies. Since 2006, China has surpassed Japan, PCB production and output value ranked first in the world. Compared with other countries, PCBA manufacturers in China are more cost-effective.

86PCB Printed Ciruict Board Assembly Advantages

86PCB, started in PCB&PCBA industry since 1998, we have obtained the UL, ISO9001, TS16949 certification. We have a professional engineers team, business team, production team and a wide range of procurement channels to assist customers. Our factory has 2 prototype PCB assemble production line and 4 mass assembly production line. Production workshop clean and tidy, and all staff strictly follow anti – static regulations.

PCBA Prototype Workshop               PCBA Mass Production Workshop

PCB Assembly Advanced Equipment

We have advanced equipment to guarantee high quality on our product.

For example:

CM602 High-Speed Assembly Machine

X-Ray Testing Equipment

Wave Soldering Machine

Reflow Oven Line

We provide high quality electronic products and services to customers all over the world. We have rich experience in automobile core and peripheral products, smart home, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, industrial equipment and other fields.

Serveral PCBA Project

Below is Bluetooth speakers we made for one of our Indian customers. The products we made have better sound quality and more stable performance, but lower price than our customer bought locally.

Bluetooth speakers

Below is a Rigid-Flex PCBA, use for an instrument to testing car’s performance.

Rigid-Flex PCBA

Below is our packaging for a car audio control board.There are many plug-in LED lamp-post on the control board. Ordinary packaging can hardly protect the lamp-posts to tilt and damage due to shake during transportation, so we made blister boxes for these PCBAs.

packaging for a car audio control board

Below is partial of the quadcopter control board, this customer introduced us to his friends, and one of his friends had placed other projects in our company.

quadcopter control pcb board

This is the product of one of our customers. We put the printed circuit board in the case and fill the silicone through the holes on the left and right sides.

pcba case

Further more, we provide the installing software, testing and casing. Below is one of the display shelves in our test room with different test fixtures.

display shelves

It is very important to choose the right PCBA company, which is directly related to the quality of electronic products and market position. 86PCB has been adhering to the purpose of realizing the ideal for customers. If you’re looking for a partner, please send your files for us. We will use the most professional technology and the best service to help you.

About 86PCB

86PCB could supply one-stop service, including PCB board making, PCB Reverse Engineering, components sourcing, SMT assembly work, Program+Test, housing making, housing assembly…

We aslo have ERP system to manage every project from production file, quotation, purchase, production, delivery until service after it. Date will be found quickly and precise no matter when client wants to begin project.

If you have related projects, welcome to inquiry us to get free quotation.

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