As a project engineer in development department, the most headache thing is to find fit supplier during so many suppliers from different countries.Most suppliers could supply either pcb production or pcba assembly service only. But we need a supplier who can help us do design modification , prototypes , samples and future mass production.

So below I will introduce some tips about how to choose the PCB Assembly manufacturer based on my experience.

Jared Antypas

As a high level product, quality control is the most important matter, so to keep use one supplier who understand our requests and use always the same quality is very very important thing. After long time search , we find a supplier who is fit for us. It’s really thanks to my engineer friend from another Italy company. This supplier is his stable supplier for some years. I trust my friend introduction, so we begin to connect with this PCBA supplier DALIAN JY ELECTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.

After get this supplier information, I try to ask the PCB assembly manufacturer some questions for knowing them better.

1. What kind of software do you use to do PCB design and what information do you need ?

Dalian JY replys me they use Aultinum Designer and supply *.pcb file to me. But we need PADS design, Dalian JY engineer is very good at communication, they go to study how to use PADS and promise they could help us to do the modification. For design service they need me supply bom list, schematic, PCB size, PCBA height and one board budget. I am pleasantly surprised they ask me target cost for one board, it means they will choose fit price components to help me reach project requests. I never meet so sweet manufacturer before.

pcb design

2. For prototype PCB board , I ask do they supply modify after we get the test video and requests more adjustment on the PCB board?

They reply they could help do little modification by flying wires even that looks not beautiful. For us how the circuit board prototype is not firstly important at this stage. So we agree with DALIAN JY suggestion to use wires to do adjustment.

3. I ask where does DALIAN JY get components and how can they ensure the quality always keep the same?

Components quality influence whole printed circuit board working life directly, so I asked this question. By communication,  I know they have 17 years experience in PCBA production filed, they can provide one-stop service. During these years business, they set up a completed components supplier control system. Different level components supplier archive management, regular quality assessment and payment credit way to control quality. Every time purchase components sample and do test, they will ask supplier to supply same batch number components to them to keep they have the same quality components. This is really a good way.

4. How to control PCB and assembly function ?

They tell me for PCB production, every step there is QC step at end of each process finish. So they will find rejected in time and give reproduction for the rejected PCB. Electronic test tooling is a kind of useful way to test final PCB circuit open or short way. For PCBA test, they use JPG test tooling to test PCBA performance . 20% quality inspection is formal way, but if high level product like ours they will supply 100% inspection. This way is useful for us, we really need it.

5. Their warranty period is the thing I am considering, because we need to supply to our client as well.

DALIAN JY promise me 1 year warranty period, if circuit boards happen bad working or not working which is not caused by human damage, they can provid free fix for us. For the second year, if electronic circuit board has problem,  they would supply fix with some cost, but I think this is a reasonable requests.

I have to say I prepare spend long time to communicate with new supplier. But DALIAN JY surprised me, they listen to me requests and give quick feedback . During design step they have very professional work way to make me satisfied. If you are looking for a one-stop PCB assembly supplier , I recommend DALIAN JY ELECTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.

Thank you for your recognition of us, dear Jared:

To help customers grow, consider and solve problems for customers, achieve win-win situation has been our goal, always.

Now, we have established our new brand 86PCB, if anyone who has related projects about PCB and PCBA, welcome to contact us.

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