No matter how the economic situation improves, high costs become a common problem. Many industries are looking for effective ways to reduce costs and increase profit margins without affecting the quality of product and process development, especially in the electronics industry. As more and more PCB assembly services are required, the technology is constantly changing. For all these issues, while maintaining the quality standards of each stage of PCBA, there must be a satisfactory intermediate point that can be used to reduce PCB assembly costs.

How to reduce the cost of PCB assembly and What are the advantages of 86PCB in PCB printed circuit board assembly? We will explain to you.

How to reduce the cost of PCB assembly?

We all understand that the overall environment of international market, prices are sensitive and direct competition. How to reduce the cost of PCB assembly? That is the important problem to every customer needs to consider. Next we will explain where changes will reduce assembly costs.

PCB Design1. Reduce PCBA production costs from the source of the design.

PCB design is often the most overlooked item. In fact, it is necessary to consider reducing the assembly cost at the beginning of the design. This way can reduce assembly costs at the source.

  • It need to provide clear design files. Like schematic, Gerber files, BOM list, Pick and place files. Gerber files must be comprehensive. It should have GBL, GBO, GBP, GBS, GKO, GPT, GPB, GTL, GTO, GTP, GTS, GG1, GD1, GM1. If have inner, should be have G1, G2 also. The BOM list must be the standard BOM list which have reference designator, part number, description, quality, SMT method, manufacturer name, footprints, package and BOM level.
  • The arrangement of components is as neat as possible. The disorderly arrangement will definitely lead to an increase in assembly costs, and reduce the component density.
  • Reducing the special characteristics of components. Like 1206, 0804, 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005, these components have small size, difficult to grab and solder. Especially, reducing the BGA, QFN.
  • Soldering components on one side will reduce assembly costs. If there is only one component on the board, the price of the solder will decrease.
  • Reducing the total number of components.

2.Reduce PCBA production costs from PCB production.

Assembly costs can also be reduced by changing the specification of the PCB and the relevant content of the production.

  • It is better if the PCB circuit board have less than 4 layers, it will be reducing the assembly cost.
  • Using the standard material, like FR4. It can also be reducing the assembly cost.
  • Make sure the thickness of PCB board is more than 1mm. Otherwise it will increase the cost.

PCB via-hole oil

3.Reduce production costs from purchasing components.

Changes in the way components are purchased can also reduce prices. Mainly in two aspects, on the one hand, it is the purchase the Reel, Tube, Tray components instead of scattered in the bag. If the components are scattered in the bag, the worker needs to count, which will undoubtedly increase the cost.

paper taping

4.Use lead soldering to reduce assembly costs.

The surface with lead solder looks bright white and the lead-free solder looks pale yellow. Leaded solder is a major metal element containing tin and lead (eg, Sn63Pb37, Sn50Pb50, etc.). Lead-free solder is basically lead-free (EU ROHS standard is less than 500PPM, Japan standard is less than 100PPM), and lead-free solder generally contains tin, silver or copper. Therefore, lead-free soldering is more environmentally friendly, and the cost is higher than that of lead.

5.Reduce production costs from assembly methods.

PCB soldering

It can save assembly cost by choose a different assembly method. When producing small batches, hand assembly does not require machine assembly to save money. When mass production, machine assembly is less expensive than hand assembly.

6.All details follow standardization.

  • Accepting the estimated delivery time, without pre-production.
  • Accept the normal production cycle. It all can save the urgent assembly costs.
  • Accept the standard test and shipping requirement.
  • Accept the standard mode.

7.Reduce special paint requirements.

Minimize the use of three-proof paint and reduce the special requirements of brushing.

What are 86PCB Circuit Board Assembly Service Advantage ?

pcb factory

86PCB has 15 years of experience in PCB Assembly. And maintain a number of years of cooperation with customers over 80 countries and regions. In these 15 years, we have received nearly a thousand customers praise from different countries and regions. Especially in the SMT & DIP Assembly, our customers are located all over the world, with an annual output of several hundred thousand units. We have a five-year partnership with a Fortune 500 automotive company in Germany, producing more than 10,000 units per month.

1.Reduce PCBA costs through PCB production.

We reduces PCB production cost by manufacturing and delivering directly from our own factory. In other words, the middlemen cost has been cut, like agent and distribution agencies. Not only time savings, but also cost savings.

2.Reduce PCBA costs by working with different prototype factory.

In addition to our own factories, we also have many cooperative PCB manufacturing factories. The main advantage is the rapid and efficient production of prototypes.

3.Provides completed split quotation.

When quoting, we will provide the customer with a detailed quotation sheet to let the customer know the charging details of each link. In this way, the customer can adjust the price according to the charge details.

4.Reduces PCB Assembly prices by working with different component suppliers.

We currently cooperates with many component suppliers at home and abroad. We can find the most suitable components for customers at the first time, ensuring the quality and delivery of components. Most importantly, we can purchase the most cost-effective components by comparing the quotes and delivery dates of different suppliers to meet the different needs of customers.

5.Engineer suggestions to reduce costs.

There are more than 10 engineers in 86PCB, and more than 5 of them have more than 10 years of production experience. The engineer will give the most professional advice to the customer when review the quotation. Let customers get the highest quality products and services at the lowest price.

6.Standard test method meets customer requirements.

We provide comprehensive testing. From PCB production to component measurement and post-assembly testing. We provide In Circuit Test (ICT), Visual inspection, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray. Most importantly, We can provide simple functional tests for free. It can be said that there is no charge for PCBA testing.

We have been in this industry for 14 years. Committed to becoming a respectable and new technology service provider that provides one-stop service for PCB small-scale electronics companies from PCB production design, component placement and assembly. We use our expertise to solve problems for customers, meet customer requirements, and enable customers to obtain the highest quality products.

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