86PCB is a professional PCB/PCBA assembly manufacturer, located in Dalian city China, a seaside city, convenient to ship the goods and have certification of ISO9001,TS16949. We did many PCB/PCBA projects for more than 80 countries with good quality and suitable price. Locate in the North of China, our employees are very stable and the hourly wages are lower than in the southern cities. That is why our assembly cost is better than Shenzhen.

Projects From Clients

As a sales in 86pcb, I have gained projects from clients who come form more than 10 countries, such as Argentina, Belgium, USA, Russia, France, Finland, Poland, Italy, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia, Israel, Iran. . . Among these projects, I have done car tracking, wildlife tracking, instrumentation, medical supplies, alarm equipment, fingerprint recognition etc.. As a sales engineer, I think the most important is responsibility, the responsibility for the customer and the project.

Today I will focus on the process of SMT assembly work. Because sometimes, the customer is not very clear about what information they need to prepare in order to get a quote for the assembly fee. So next, let me introduce what documents are needed to get a quote.

Necessary Documents For SMT

BOM list

The bom list should include these info: Qty, Location NO., foot print(package), value, Precision, part NO..
Generally almost all information about the components can be found by part NO. Why we need to check the BOM list? As our engineer must see the package, shape, quantity, and pitch of each component one by one. Determine whether have components with small dimensions, whether have BGA, whether include special shapes, or whether need to make mold for special soldering and so on.

Gerber files

The gerber is mainly used to export drawings, and the engineer will confirm each component corresponding to the drawing. Another point is that engineers have to know it is single-sided or double-sided soldering, what are the types of SMT machine , and which are the types of manual soldering. In this way, you can get accurate placement quotes.

Pick&Place file

Pick&place file is required when the placement work is started. As the name implies, the pick&place file is the coordinate position of each component on the PCB, which is a document that PCB designers have. There are many forms, the common one is the excel file given by the customer, sometimes the customer gives the file in .PCB format, this can also export the coordinate data. The engineer programmed the coordinate data into the SMT machine so that the machine can accurately place the part on the corresponding PCB position based on the pick&place file shows.

Work Before and After SMT

The above is the necessary documents for SMT assembly work. Now please let me talk about some preparations before SMT work. In JY Electronics, IQC will first compare the PCB and components to confirm that the package is correct. Then measure the value of the component, check if the package model and BOM match, check for oxidation. The quality control of materials is a prerequisite for the production of PCBA.

After the SMT work, we will clean the PCB to make they look very clean. QC will check the finished PCBA to see if there is short welding, cold soldering, etc.. Some customers will let us do the IC program, tests, housing assembly too.

As a professional PCBA Manufacturer, we could supply one-stop service, including PCB board making, components sourcing, SMT assembly work, Program+Test, housing making, housing assembly…We are a factory with 6 SMT production lines. One of them is specially line prepared for the sample order.

Among my customers, a Belgian instrumentation project is the most typical. In addition to providing PCB manufacturing, SMT work and component purchasing, we also need to do debugging, programming, testing and housing assembly.

If have questions for us, please feel free contact me any time. If you are interested in any type PCBA project, or want to know something about us, below is my contact way. Welcome your inquiry, hope could hear from you soon.

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