GPS System Introduction

The GPS system is based on 24 positioning satellites around the world and provides three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and other information around the world. It consists of three parts:

1. Ground control part, which consists of the main control station, the ground antenna, the monitoring station and the communication assistant system.

2. The space part, which consists of 24 satellites and is distributed in 6 orbital planes.

3. The user equipment part, which consists of a GPS receiver and a satellite antenna.

GPS Tracking Function

GPS satellite tracking locator Use GPS satellite positioning terminal to accurately locate remote targets, real-time tracking, remote monitoring, anti-theft and anti-robbery. You can check the target location anytime, anywhere via mobile phone, network, PDA, regardless of the target in the room or basement, with a GPS satellite locator, the target is nowhere to go. These products have batteries, which can be placed on objects that need to be tracked and positioned, easy to hide, easy to carry, national positioning, real-time tracking of targets, track playback, elderly and children can carry, police use criminal investigation to track and solve cases. Regardless of the target in the desert, forests, oceans, mountains and wild mountains, it is easily to locate and find the target.

GPS Tracking Characteristics

Not susceptible to any weather, global coverage is as high as 98%. Three-dimensional fixed-point fixed speed timing high precision, fast, time-saving and efficient,Movable positioning,Wide range of applications etc..

Module type: US GPS, China’s Beidou, Russia’s GLONASS, Europe Galileo…

Current GPS products on the market include smart watch, animal husbandry, wildlife tracking, navigation,smartphone, military, search and rescue equipment etc..

As a experienced PCB&PCBA Manufacturer, we have some good PCBA projects about GPS tracking, We will introduce some tracking and GPRS OEM products we have done, focus on the chips and production difficulty.

Logistics Tracking PCBA

For Israel OEM customer, double layers PCB, white solder mask with black silk print, double-sided mounting Min piece 0402, QFN package chip.

Difficulties: We do the IC program and test fixture.

Chip Description:

The core chip CC2540F256RHAT of this product is RF and Bluetooth control chip, the RF transmission distance is less than 300 meters, and the Bluetooth transmission distance is about tens of meters, the ADXL362BCCZ-RL7 is a motion sensor.

The product is small , is battery powered and is a loss-proof product.

Advantages: light and cheap

Disadvantages: short transmission distance

Car and Sea Navigation PCBA

Car and Sea Navigation PCBA

Iran OEM customer project: The core chip is M66, for gprs communication module. U-BLOX NEO-6M for GPS positioning module for automotive and marine navigation.

Car and Sea Navigation PCB assembly

The core chip is M26, for GSM/GPRS communication module. The U-BLOX NEO-6M is a GPS positioning module for automotive and marine navigation. The MCU is the ATtiny13-20SSU, an 8-bit AVR microprocessor.

Close-range Sound Wave Localization PCBA

Close-range sound wave localization PCBA

Canada customer Project,4 layer PCB,one side assembly.

Production difficulties: soft and hard board production and SMT.

Chip Description:

The core chip of this product moves away from the L96 Beidou module. The MCU is the STM32F030RCT6 for the ARM32-bit microcontroller 48MHZ.

Product features: TATA Group close-range acoustic positioning camera.

Truck Tracking PCB Assembly

For Canada OEM customer, 6 layers PCB board, solder mask green, double-sided mounting. The smallest piece 0402 has 6pcs miniBGA.

Difficulties: miniBGA placement, copying procedures and testing

Chip Description:

The core chip U-BLOX SARA-U201, is a 3g communication module. U-BLOX NEO-M8Q is GPS. GLONASS dual-mode positioning module. MCU is STM32F103RCT6 is 32-bit microcontroller 72MHZ.

Function: This PCBA is used for container truck positioning, temperature control, tire pressure monitoring, ABS status, lighting status, generator fuel level, usage log.

Disadvantages: The price is relatively high, the application conditions are relatively narrow.

Elderly Secure Localization PCBA

Elderly Secure Localization PCBA

USA customer project, 6 layer PCB, green solder mask, double-side mounted. The smallest piece 0402 has 6pcs miniBGA.

Production difficulties: MINIBGA placement

Chip Description:

The core chip of this product is Core Communication Wireless Technology.

The SIM7000C multimode communication module supports GPRS / EDGE (2.75G), IoT, GPS positioning. The MCU is a 32-bit microcontroller with the STM32F745VEH6.

Product Features: wireless charging, waterproof

Function: Prevent elderly people from getting lost.

Fishing GPS PCBA

Fishing GPS PCBA

Poland customer project, 4 layers PCB,one side SMT,with 6pcs miniBGA

Difficulties: MINIBGA placement, copying procedures and testing

Chip Description:

The FGPMMOPA6H GPS module produced by GlobalTop, the core chip of this product, features a built-in GPS antenna. The MCU is the STM32F437VIT7 for a 32-bit microcontroller 180MHZ.

Function: GPS for positioning fishing net position

Features: More targeted, great promotion potential.

GPS Tracking System Market Expectation

GPS for Automotive Field

Car GPS positioning and navigation is the main development trend of the current market. Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about the anti-theft, protection, and monitoring of cars, these require the use of GPS positioning equipment.

With the development of society, a large number of new energy vehicles have emerged, and the new energy time-sharing rental car industry is also developing. To realize time-sharing lease of new energy vehicles, it is necessary to use new energy time-sharing equipment, and the most basic function of new energy time-sharing equipment is precisely the function of automobile GPS, which is to develop and innovate in the function of automobile GPS. In recent years, with the development of automotive GPS, many vehicles and companies are now managing vehicles through their GPS. Many GPS technologies have been widely used in transportation and road engineering, greatly improving their production efficiency.

GPS for Student Field

Mainly for primary and middle school students. The parents want to know what their children are doing every day. Campus violence, traffic danger, water danger still exists. In China’s national conditions, parents are very fond of children, and they are always worried about their children. Many parents are willing to wear a GPS locator for their children. The student GPS market is very large.

GPS For Women Field

More and more business women and young women are being harassed by unscrupulous heterosexuals and even being physically attacked when they go out alone. Personal mobile GPS positioning call is specifically designed for this group people. I believe that many women go out with GPS locators at night will be more safe.

GPS For The Elderly Field

With the approach of aging society, the safety of elderly people has become an important issue. Old people like Alzheimer’s disease often go out, they can’t find home, and their families can’t find them. As the elderly get older, when their children work, they will worry about the physical condition of the elderly. It is very necessary to wear this product. Many people will wear GPS locators for the elderly.

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