PCBA Capacity

Solder Paste PrintingAccuracy: ±0.025mm
Max. speed: 150mm/sec
PCB max. area: 400*310mm
PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm
SMT Accuracy: ±0.03mm
Speed: 0.17sec/pc
PCB max. area: 350*350mm
Available part: 0201 chip to 35*35mm
Accuracy: ±0.05mm
Speed: 0.048sec/pc
PCB max. area: 350*350mm
Available part: 0402 chips to 14mm (H 12mm)
Minimum SMD resistor and capacitor: 0201
Minimum BGA R-VTx: 0.15mm
Reflow SolderingNitrogen source: external
PCB max. size: 400*330mm
Temperature accuracy: ±4°C
Zones: 8
Lead free compatible
Wave SolderingNitrogen source: external
PCB max. size: 400*330mm
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Lead free compatible
AOIAccuracy: ±0.0024mm
Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
PCB max. area:300*300mm
Available component: 0201 chip and fine pitch
X-ray  InspectionBGA void(0.5mm distance between Ball)
Solderability inner shielding
BGA ReworkNitrogen source: NA
PCB max. size: 350mm
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Lead free compatible

PCBA Capacity

SMT Advantages

  1. package 0201, min. BGA ball distance : 0.4 mm
  2. PCB Assembly size:
    50×50(mm), Max.510x460mm
  3. We can offer X-ray service to check the solder condition under the BGA, PLCC package precise components
  4. FPC and RFPC can also be soldered.
  5. The reflow oven is filled with nitrogen and is protected by inert gas welding to protect the high-precision double-sided circuit board.

MIDIP Advantages

  1. Semi-automatic forming of braided devices, automatic vibrating table forming of cylindrical devices;
  2. The wave soldering chain is a heavy-duty chain that can produce high-power, large-area circuit boards with a width of less than 300mm;
  3. We can offer PCB coating service to offer more power full protection for PCB surface and components.
  4. We have power product aging line, plastic shell ultrasonic heat sealing machine.
  5. The finished product can be packaged in anti-static vacuum packaging and DIY.

Assembly Process

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GPS PCBA Used In Smart Chassis Technology

  • 6 layer HDI PCB Assembly
  • X Ray Inspection

1.6 layer HDI PCB

2.Total 6 BGA on board, including 3 BGA with 0.4mm R-VTx

3.Minimum components: 0201 resistor and capacitor

4.Two Ublox GPS modules

5.Highly dense components mounted

6.X-ray inspection

7.Programing and Functional testing

8.Enclosure assembly

PCB Assembly For Precision Medical Machine

  • Precision medical machine PCBA
  • Precision medical machine circuit board assembly

PCB Specification:

1. Size:36.34mm*51.04mm

2. Layer:12 with blind buried vias

3. PCB thickness:2.5mm

4. Green solder mask and white silk print

5. Material FR4

6. TG>170

7. PCB Cross-section test sample

PCBA Manufacturing technology:

1.  Components Quantity: 293

2. The Min components is 0201

3. X-Ray to check the solder status

4. 25 steps copy 3 specific programs

5. 46 test steps

6. Connector with 0.12mm leg distance.

7. SMD USB is fixed behind the USB

PCB Assembly For Mini Train Toys

  • Mini Train PCB

1. The Mini Train Board is an educational toy product developed by American customers specifically for the development of children.

2. It has many varieties, and this product has been experimentally produced from our company since 2015.

3. The difficulty is that the two board joints need to be etched off half of the board thickness and then spliced into a complete board. Each board has a resistance range requirement.

4. After four years of upgrades, the board has been upgraded from cut to half without trimming. Then the resistance range of the circuit board is more strict, because this design is applied to electromagnetism, and the resistance is an absolute condition.

5.This product has been patented by US customers in the United States.

Audio Control PCB Assembly For Tesla Car.

  • audio control pcba for Tesla car.
  • audio control pcb assembly for Tesla car.

1.This is an audio control board for use on a Tesla car.

2.It is used in the 4S shop to add products to Tesla.

3.The components are imported, and domestic replacement is not accepted.

4.It is an audio board, customers have to test the product locally.

5.It is 4 layer board, Black solder with white silk.

Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly

  • rigid-flex PCB Board
  • rigid flexible PCB Assembly

1.This is a rigid-flexible PCB

2.Green solder with white silk

3.Rigid board is 2 layer and flexible pcb is also 2 layer

4.Thickness of rigid is 0.6mm, thickness of flexible is 0.2mm

5.It is difficult to assembly components on board, we make fixture to help stand board in machine.

Mowing Robot PCB Assembly

  • PCBA for Mowing robot
  • Mini BGA on Mowing robot PCBA

1. 4 layer PCB,TG140,1.6mm board thickness

2. Copper thickness 2OZ/2OZ/2OZ/2OZ

3. ENIG surface finishing

4. Green solder with white silk

5. Fabricate per IPC-6012 Class 2

6. Mini BGA assembly on board

7. Two side mount PCB board