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We provide professional PCB manufacturing service, whether it is a single board or multilayer PCB Board, whether for a prototype or large volume production, we can meet your requirement both in materials and technologies. We focus on multi-layer printed circuit boards, Flex Circuit Boards, High Frequency PCB, HDI PCBs and so on in varying complexities.

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About 86PCB

We have been focusing on the PCB industry since 1998 and have quite a lot of experience, High-Precision and Special Materials Circuit Boards are our expertise, Multilayer HDI PCB, Isola Rogers, Teflon etc. material PCB will never be our problem.

It is time-consuming and laborious to find PCB design, PCB production, and PCB mounting separately. So when you want to purchase PCB &PCBA from China, we are your best choice, no matter for prototype or mass production.

We have strong quality control system and all the certificates such as TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO, etc.. For PCB, we have Flying Probe Test and E-Testing. For PCBA, we have IQC, AOI, Function Test, QA. These are basic but very important factors for PCB industry.

Also the strong sales team, experienced purchasing and technical team, professional after-sales team can give you the suitable suggestion and best service.

PCB&PCBA expert since 1998, turnkey service for rapid prototyping, low-volume and mass production.
Specializing in the production of high precision double-sided and Multilayer PCB, with advanced production equipment and leading technological technology.

The products are widely used in computer, communication, automobile, household appliances, power, safety facilities and other fields, small batch production line, fast and low cost high quality, by Nidec, Alice, BMW and other famous enterprises trust.

PCB Certificates

ISO, RoHS, TS16949, CE, etc

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