PCB Assembly Advantages

1. Package 0201, min. BGA ball distance : 0.4 mm

2. PCB Assembly size:
50×50(mm), Max.510x460mm

3. We can offer X-ray service to check the solder condition under the BGA, PLCC package precise components

4. FPC and RFPC can also be soldered.

5. The reflow oven is filled with nitrogen and is protected by inert gas welding to protect the high-precision double-sided circuit board.

1. Semi-automatic forming of braided devices, automatic vibrating table forming of cylindrical devices.

2. The wave soldering chain is a heavy-duty chain that can produce high-power, large-area circuit boards with a width of less than 300mm.

3. We can offer PCB coating service to offer more power full protection for PCB surface and components.

4. We have power product aging line, plastic shell ultrasonic heat sealing machine.

5. The finished product can be packaged in anti-static vacuum packaging and DIY.

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About 86PCB

We have been focusing on the custom PCB assembly industry since 1998 and have quite a lot of experience in assembled printed circuit board, High-Precision and Special Materials Circuit Boards assembly service are our expertise, also can provide quick turn and turnkey PCB assembly service for Mini BGA, package 0201 etc., min. BGA ball distance : 0.4 mm.

As a professional PCBA Manufacturer, we could supply one-stop service, including PCB board making, PCB Reverse Engineering, components sourcing, SMT assembly work, Program+Test, housing making, housing assembly…

We aslo have ERP system to manage every project from production file, quotation, purchase, production, delivery until service after it. Date will be found quickly and precise no matter when client wants to begin project.

We have strong quality control system and all the certificates such as TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO, etc.. For PCB, we have Flying Probe Test and E-Testing. For PCB pritned circuit board assembly, we have IQC, AOI, Function Test, QA. These are basic but very important factors for PCBA industry.

Also the strong sales team, experienced purchasing and technical team, professional after-sales team can give you the suitable suggestion and best service.

Main Service

Components Sourcing, PCB Assemly, Function Test, Case Installation

The products are widely used in computer, communication, automobile, household appliances, power, safety facilities and other fields, small batch production line, fast and low cost high quality, by Nidec, Alice, BMW and other famous enterprises trust.

PCBA Capactiy

2 Prototype Production Line, 500,000 points/day

4 Mass Production Line, 4,000,000 points/day

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