Project Description

Project Background

We are working with Australian customers on 4 PCB projects and 4 PCBA projects. These items are used for electrical equipment testing, safety testing, prevention and other related instruments. This is our first cooperation, the order is 2K each type.

At first we met on our company’s website, 86PCB. They asked us to sign a confidentiality agreement and visit the factory. We have been working in the PCB/PCBA industry for nearly 18 years, and we are glad to accept customer requirements. Signing a confidentiality agreement allows customers to be assured that their designs will not be stolen. The factory visit is able to see the sincerity of the customer and us, and we have a modern factory, dust-free, advanced management, we are very happy to receive customer visits and audits.

The first order of the customer is 2K sets per model. The first 200 sets are produced. At that time, the customer will visit the factory and evaluate the samples.

Our PCB factory is in Shenzhen, with more than 500 workers, more than 50 engineers, and a factory area of tens of thousands of square meters. We are a supplier of substrates for automotive BMW, so we are very confident to do this customer’s 4 PCBs. And we have achieved delivery within 7 days of customer requirements. At present, the PCB has been delivered to the customer, and the customer is conducting the test.

PCBA Project

Remote isolation indicator

RightSwitch ensures that the correct switch is isolated prior to working on electrical equipment.
RightSwitch matches field located equipment to its associated MCC mounted, isolation switch / disconnect. It also adds remote indication to a DeadEasy installation. In combination, they provide lockout procedure, isolation verification prior to working on electrical equipment. In essence, it prevents lockout of the wrong disconnect and therefore the risk of working on energised equipment.

Wireless Voltmeter

CircuitSpy allows any worker with a smart phone to measure voltages within a closed electrical panel.
CircuitSpy measures the voltages at each of its feed through terminals and reports the measurements, via WiFi, to a web browser.
Zero exposure to energised equipment = No electric shock risk, nor arc flash risk. This means that working live, live electrical work and live testing is no longer necessary with CircuitSpy.

Electrical Lockouts

SwitchFix is a switch lockout / circuit breaker lockout device. The SwitchFix isolator lock provides locking facilities for switches and circuit breakers whose lockout facilities are either insufficient, poorly designed or damaged. SwitchFix will only allow the switch or circuit breaker to be locked in the “OFF” position. A locking device is typically applied to the following isolating equipment:

Switch handles
Disconnect handles
Moulded Case Circuit Breaker ( MCCB ) handles
Faulty or poorly designed isolation switch handles are potential killers.
Some isolator handles ( Holec , Siemens , Merlin Gerin ) appear locked in the “off” position, however the switch handle can be easily rotated to the “on” position with the isolator locking device in place. This occurs due to a previous de-isolation with the switch handle locking clip extended.

Some circuit breaker handles ( Terasaki ) can be inadvertently locked in the “on” position as only 35 degrees, or 25mm MCCB handle rotation, differentiates the “on” and “off” positions. Click here to view Newmont’s Pajingo Gold Mine solution to this problem.
Replacing faulty switch handles with the same design is expensive and frustrating. The new isolator handle may be faulty again tomorrow.

SwitchFix Isolator Locks and MCCB Locks eliminate switch handle replacement costs, and provides positive switch locking! Users have commented that SwitchFix electrical lockouts:
Prolongs the life of existing switch handles and circuit breaker handles.

Provides simpler switch locking and circuit breaker locking by reducing the need to use fiddly, lock scissors.
Allows many more locks to be attached to the lock out device than what the original switch and circuit breaker provided.
Ensures a positive handle lock that just cannot be forced. It’s obvious that it’s safer! Are easy to fit. Just a screwdriver and spanner is needed. Offers a tough, rust proof construction.

Test the overall function of PCBA

This is very necessary. Because of the quality of the PCB and the quality of various components, if there is a problem, the final product will not work properly. We have professional IQC to inspect the quality, inspect the flatness of PCB, the quality of the pad, etc. For the quality, packaging, and parameters of various components, the SMT process will start. When a PCBA is completed, there are OQC inspection, visual inspection, magnifying glass, X-RAY inspection and so on.

PCBA to a certain extent

These have guaranteed the quality of PCBA to a certain extent. In this process, we often send out that some customers’ BOM does not match the actual PCB packaging, or find quality problems with customer-supplied materials or our own materials. We have a supplier evaluation system and signed traceable documents, so we will solve all problems at the beginning.

The PCBA functional test will be the last line of defense. After passing this test, we will deliver the goods to the customer with confidence.By visiting the factory, customers are very satisfied with us.

The customer saw the 6 production lines running non-stop mounting PCBA, saw the PCB factory of tens of thousands of square meters, saw our proprietary test room, hundreds of test fixtures, the workers were there to test procedures, test, very professional .