Project Description

Custom Aluminum Pcb Manufacturer Made In China Tesla Circuit Board Zx623w Gps Tracker Pcb Number Tracker Run Tracker Google Maps Gps Google Gps Global Positioning System

Order Number:A543


Board Size: 55*100mm

Numbers of layer: 6 layers

0.3mm   Min Hole Diameter:0.3mm

Soldermask Color: Green

Board material: FR4

Copper Thickness:1 OZ

Silkscreen Color: White

The minimum circuit width for our PCBs is 0.18mm, while the minimum circuit distance is 0.12mm.Surface technics:immersion gold

Application area (specific)

This product is used to logistics tracking and detection of large or valuable goods.To put the main control board in each logistics station or chain stores, and fix the RF board on the goods for real-time tracking. To ensure that every goods has traces to follow.

Selling Points

Using wireless transmission technology, bind RF boards to valuable goods and each ID corresponds one to one. It has absolute anti-counterfeiting, encryption technology, whole-process traceability, information control and other advantages.

The main board adopts the OSD3358-512M-BAS central processor, integrated ARM Cortex-A8 high performance processor and TI company TPS65217C power management module, the main frequency 1GHz, the superior computing ability can comparable to the mobile phone processor.

The Kingston 4G flash leads the device to start without inserting a SD card. Interface speed is up to 52Mb/s,high-speed reading and write makes the main board operating more quickly and efficient.

Adding the CAN ExternalBus interface and the RS485 serial interface, you can add a camera, NFC card reader, three-color light alarm and other devices.

It can support one-to-many parallel processing mode, one Adevice can read up to 3000 bdevices’ data at the same time. Simultaneously, the ultra-high operation speed can quickly issue the heap code instructions and update the goods information, and timely upload it to the cloud platform through the network for the background big data analysis.

Production difficulties

Difficult in SMT (many BGA, QFN packaging IC and modules)

The program and test steps are complex, and need to special designing a fixture according to this product for test.

It is relatively difficult to repair the defect boars, it need to use BGA repair bench , heating bench and other equipments.

There are many kinds of components of this product.All the component polarity should be confirmed before assembly, and the finished PCBA needs to be X-ray, to inspect the soldering situation of BGA,QFN packaging chip and module.

This product requires the housing, which with strict requirements for the housing sealing.

Intelligent Solutions to Enhance Logistics Management: Advanced Features for Secure Transport and Efficient Inventory Control

Anti-demolition design: During the goods transportation,if be removed, that will touch to the internal switch.When it arrives at the designated site, it will be recognized by the Adevice and notified to the staff.

Our fencing design alerts staff if the goods leave the designated area within the set time using an alarm system. This ensures timely resolution of any issues that may arise during transportation or storage of the goods.

Goods intelligent stacking function: When the goods enter the designated site and are identified by the Adevice, the Adevice will confirm the goods storage location according to the algorithm and send the instructions to the VGA trolley to place the goods in the specified location.

Logistics tracking function: When the goods arrive at a designated site, the main board will upload the accurate position information of the current goods to the background, and then the background staff can know the location information of the goods according to the GSM location function.

We aim to create an intelligent logistics system that provides detailed information, distribution scope, and transportation requirements for every commodity. Accessing this information through the system’s background enables efficient inventory control and secure transport of goods. Through data mining, can finally realize the intelligent logistics.

gps pcba

gps pcba

  •  Power supply connector
  • Wifi and Bluetooth module
  • Main control chip
  • GSM module
  •  Memory chip
  • ARM micro controller
  • MICRO USB connector
  • SD card slot
  • SIM card slot