Project Description

Electric Toy Car PCB Control Board

The complete picture below shows the product, which is a control panel used in children’s electric cars. It is a simple 2-layer board with a size of 100*110mm. Green solder mask and white silk print, surface finish process is lead-free HASL. In order to facilitate the production, we make two pieces of the Mosaic, which can improve the production efficiency of SMT. The client is a Russian design company, helping a toy manufacturer design new toys.



In order to protect the components, the entire product is coating with conformal coating, which can prevent moisture, salt spray and anti-static functions. Because the working environment of the final product is relatively cold, customers choose to use coating to increase the life of the product. “conformal coating” is actually a common name for common coatings.  Conformal coating are used on electronic circuit boards and components, which can enhance the moisture and pollution resistance of electronic circuit boards and components and prevent corrosion of solder joints and conductors. It can also play a role in shielding and eliminating electromagnetic interference and preventing circuit board short circuits. It can also improve the insulation performance of the circuit board.

Same side assembly

In order to facilitate better batteries in the later period, the products are designed to process patches and plug-ins on the same side. In the final assembly, one side of the component faces up, and the other side is fixed on the final product. You can easily replace the battery or visually observe the product status.

LED holder

The two lamps are welded up and down with the aid of isolation columns. Because the operation requires two indicator lights to be welded together, the top is green and the bottom is red. The customer design of the two lamp pre-processing into different heights of the upper and lower two, welding in the vicinity of the keyboard. At last the worker use the isolation column to assist in this operation as shown below. This will display the status of the light on the housing of the final product.

Product growth history


The first sample was at the end of 2018, because customers were particularly low on prices, and there was no advantage in sample production and procurement. Finally, the customer decided to use an alternative model of the battery holder to reduce the unit cost. But many times the price is inversely proportional to the quality. When IQC inspected the materials, we found that the resilience of the shrapnel of the battery is particularly bad, and there is no way to rebound it quickly. Fortunately, the sample list is 5 sets that need to be modified, and the customer uses the original design model when returning the order for the second time.

The material has been stored for a long time.

The second batch was produced in early 2019, and the order quantity was 50 units. But it needs to be produced in batches, first produce 10 samples for testing, the test is no problem in the production of the subsequent 40 units. However, the engineers on the customer side took too long to take a long time, resulting in a long time for sample testing and research and development. The second batch of production was not notified until the end of 2019. As a result, the material status is no longer suitable for use in SMT automatic placement machines. As shown in the figure below, the material has creases. The nozzle of the SMT machine cannot “PICK” this small component well. Therefore, the machine often alarms and delays the time limit of production.

Tantalum capacitor oxidation

This is also the capacitance offset of the red circle position of this order as shown in the figure below. The first model is shown in the picture. Our engineers confirmed that the reason for the displacement of the tantalum capacitor is that the material has not been used for a long time after opening, and there is a slight oxidation. After communication with the customer, confirm that the components are manually welded and adjusted, and the DP190 glue is used to fix the components to prevent the components from being displaced.


Silk print the website

During the production of the third batch of orders, customers reported that the response of the final product was particularly good, and many playgrounds were interested in ordering. In order to promote their design company, customers printed their company’s website on the PCBA products by silk printing.

The current order of this product is the fifth order, which has been upgraded from the original 5 sets to 100 sets. Thank you very much for the customer’s high recognition of JY. Now we are discussing another new product together.Quote the customer’s words “we will cooperate better and better in the future” I am convinced.


As a professional PCBA Manufacturer, we could supply one-stop service, including PCB board making, PCB Reverse Engineering, components sourcing, SMT assembly work, Program+Test, housing making, housing assembly…

We aslo have ERP system to manage every project from production file, quotation, purchase, production, delivery until service after it. Date will be found quickly and precise no matter when client wants to begin project.

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