Project Description

Top Quality electronic board Assembly Circuit Board pcb manufacturing and pcb assembling

Item Specification
PCB Layers 1 to 24 layers
PCB Max working panel area 457 x 610 mm
Min trace width 0.10mm
Min spacing 0.10mm
Min hole diameter 0.20mm
Min Copper thickness in hole 0.020mm
PTH size tolerance ±0.05mm
NPTH size tolerance ±0.025mm
Hole position tolerance ±0.05mm
Dimension tolerance ±0.1mm
Min solder mask dam 0.08mm
Insulation resistance 1E+12Ω (normal condition)
Max Board twist and wrap ≤0.7%
High Vlotage endurance 1.3KV/mm
Copper foil peel off endurance 1.4N/mm
Hardness of resist ink ≥6H
Flame resistance 94V-0
Impedance control ±5%
Certificate ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001;ISO/TS16949:2002 ,      E203640

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