Project Description

The company has received the order of control circuit board of hydraulic arm device of the first stirring vehicle since the end of 2016. We have not touched the PCB in this field before, so this is a new category for us, and we are happy to receive orders for the new type of PCB and are willing to challenge and try this project. It has very strict control requirements for the entire process of PCB mounting, the electronic circuit board can not even have a little fingerprint.

PCB Board Features:

Layer: 6 layer
Track width/distance: 0.15mm
Pads: Oil filled in via holes
TG value: 160TG
Vias: PTN&NPTH both on the same board
Material: KB
Solder&Silk: Green solder mask and white silk screen
Anti-caf: No requests
Panel Size: 224*152mm for one pcs in one panel
X-out PCB: Accept
TEST: Electronic Test 100%
V-cut: YES
Test points: Test points on PCB board
Surface finishing: LF-HASL

Electronic Circuit Board Assembly Features:

Components purchasing: all requests original brand components to keep high level quality
Min. Component size: 0201 components more than 10 kinds
Highest component height: 35mm for a big connector

35mm connector

Not good for assembly: Y7,X8,Q3,C4 design are heteromorphism, so we can’t make panel for some pcs pcb together , only one panel includes one pcs.
Equivalent Components: Not acceptable
BGA: No on the board
Components Process: Cut DIP components pin to make sure its height fit for product
Chips: There is solder bridge between chip pads
LED Light: no led on this board
Outside Components: Yes
Component Angel: No

Some problmes during electronic PCB assembly process:

The entire panel does not accept any fingerprints, and the panel also has an oversized connector that requires manual welding and assembly, which makes the welding process very difficult. Because hand soldering with gloves will affect the tin accuracy and fullness, increase the occurrence of cold welding, but without gloves, the electronic circuit board will leave fingerprint traces, the customer is not acceptable. After the final technical department meeting and discussion, the final solution is to increase the edge width of the circuit board, then the welding workers can take the PCB board without leaving fingerprints.

Product Function Introduction:

This is a circuit board controlling the hydraulic arm of the agitator vehicle, its main function is to control the working principle of the hydraulic arm. When the agitator vehicle is in the waiting state, the control board issues the command to keep the hydraulic arm in the working state. That way, the waiting time of the agitator can improve work efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Product Market Prospects:

This is a targeted product, the use of this kind mixer car is also a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial vehicles, market prospects are very broad. Many governments in developed countries are buying the new mixer, which means the control circuit board has a good market prospects.

The following is a detailed drawing of this product. Everybody can see our PCB quality and welding quality through the detailed drawing. For high-quality circuit board products, our company adopts ISO9001 control system. If your product has BGA pads, our company can provide X-ray inspection to ensure BGA welding quality. Welcome contact us for project discussion, professional service is always our proud.

detailed part for pcba