Project Description

With the development of science and technology, we can’t live and work without tracker. It provides us with very convenient services, so that we can enjoy life more and more safely.

Positioning principle

wired GPS Tracker and wireless GPS tracker The focus of .GPS .Application is .User for equipment.Which includes receiver.And data processing.Display equipment .And other .Receiving devices. The user receives .The signal transmitted .By one group .Of satellites.Obtains the distance .Between satellites.And users.Cock correction.Atmospheric correction .And other parameters.And determines. The user’s position .Through data processing. so for now.The positioning accuracy .Of civil .and GPS can reach .even less than 10 meters.

Due to .The special .Function of. GPS.It has attracted .as a result with the attention. Of people.In the .Automotive industry .after that for a long time. When the United States .Announced.The opening .Of some .GPS systems .After the Gulf War.The automotive industry. Immediately. Seized this opportunity.Invested .In the development. Of civil .Vehicle navigation system.Carried out positioning. And guidance display for vehicles.And quickly put it into experimental use. Now there are GPS receiving.Devices specially set up. For cars on the market.



There are two kinds of Trackers: wired GPS Tracker and wireless GPS tracker.
Here are the differences between the two:

1.Wired GPS Tracker

The “line” utilization rate of wired GPS is higher than that of wireless GPS .

It is used to connect the power line and ACC line of the vehicle.

The working power supply of wired GPS is provided by the vehicle.

It has a built-in micro battery, which can make the equipment work for 0.5-1.5 hours after power failure, so as to prevent the equipment line. From being cut off maliciously .And unable to continue to work.


Because the working power supply of wired GPS, can be provided by vehicles.

The biggest feature of wired GPS ,is that it can locate in real time for 24 hours.

There is no need to worry about the sudden power failure of the equipment.

In terms of signal strength, the signal of wired GPS equipment is also stronger, and the positioning accuracy is relatively better.

In terms of functions, jinruida wired GPS tracker has powerful functions.

Can locate and track in real time, can remotely cut off oil and control power.Monitor fuel consumption.Set up an electronic fence area.Can give overspeed alarm.Fatigue driving alarm.Vibration alarm.Illegal movement alarm.

Everything. You can also view the driving track, of the vehicle on the vehicle monitoring platform.


Connect the vehicle power cord to the wired GPS.
Install it where there is a power cord and the position should be flexible.
Avoid being found and destroyed by criminals.

In addition, the real-time positioning function of wired GPS. Makes the equipment always in the signal receiving.Or transmitting state, and criminals can use GPRS signal shield.Or detector to interfere with the working state .Of the equipment .Or find the installation position of the equipment.

Applicable vehicle type:

Enterprises and institutions.Bus passenger transport.Tracking and investigation.

Valuable logistics and transportation.Cargo tracking. Vehicle leasing.

Vehicle loan management.Private cars and other related industries.

2.Wireless GPS Tracker

Wireless GPS Tracker. Means that the whole equipment has no external wiring.

So it is unable to obtain external power supply.

The limitation of built-in power supply directly .Affects the service life of the equipment.

The positioning frequency determines .And the battery life of the wireless GPS tracker.

There for higher and positioning frequency, the shorter the battery life.

The wireless GPS Tracker is generally an ultra long stand by model.

It does not need to replace the battery or charge.

You can use it in 2 ~ 3 years.


The wireless GPS positioning time is controllable. After the signal transmission, the equipment immediately enters the sleep state.

Flexible adjustment can avoid. The interference of GPRS signal shield .And most importantly, the induction of signal detector to a great extent, That is to say further improve the anti disassembly performance of the equipment.

In addition.Wireless GPS installation does not require wires, and it is not limited by vehicle lines.

As a result,It can be fixed with strong magnetic and magic stickers (pay attention to signal strength).

You can put it anywhere in the vehicle.

In other words.Its advantage is good concealment and difficult to be found It has good anti-theft performance.

wired GPS Tracker and wireless GPS tracker inferiority:

Most importantly.Compared with the wired GPS tracker.

The wireless GPS has a single function .And can not locate in real time.

The location information displayed .By the wireless device is the location information .At the last location, after that not the current location information.

In case of vehicle theft or other emergencies,

In addition, the signal of wireless GPS equipment is also slightly worse.Likewise you can activate the real-time location function.

When GPS does not work, you need to check whether the wireless GPS is connected to the vehicle.

Anyway, it is very important.


Above all.These are the two main categories of trackers.