Project Description

Elderly Tracking Gps Tracker For Elderly Aluminum PCB Manufacturer Gps Tracking Bracelet For Elderly Tracking Device For Elderly No Monthly Fee

Order NO. W772

Product GPS Tracker for Seniors Parameter

Size: 30*35mm

Layer: 4 layer

Minimum hole diameter: 0.5mm

Solder mask color: Green

Material: FR4

Copper thickness: 1OZ

Silkprint color: White

Minimum trace width and trace spacing : 0.198mm

Minimum trace width:0.205mm

Surface finishing : ENIG

Elderly Tracking Gps Tracker Application Field

Application fields include empty nesters, apartments for the elderly, nursing homes etc places . It can collect data in real time, accurately locate and confirm the state of the elderly in 24 hours in various scenes, and timely send feedback to the mobile APP. It can clearly get the elderly people’s movement trace at home and other places  When the elderly need, you can call for help with one key

Elderly Tracking Gps Tracker Functions

1.Old people missing alarm

2.Remote control

3.Electronic Fence

4.Wireless charging

5.Water-proof protection

6.Data monitoring

7.Lithium-ion battery overcharge and overdischarge protection

8.Date and time display

Difficulties in production

The product has MINIBGA (U100), which is easily to lead interconnected soldering , and not easy to repair and replace.

Chip U1 is QFN footprint, this kind of chip often appears cold solder joint, and pins tin climing not full.

The top shield of Module U2 will shell off when reflow soldering.

Due to the board size is small,but with relatively many components,it will lead damage and defect to the components.

There are MINIBGA on both sides of board, Therefore, the accuracy of printing and mounting is more difficult.

Considering the required assembly size of the production machine and there are BGA on both sides, quantity per panel needs to be paid attention to when designing the panels.

This product uses SIM7000 module internally, which supports CATM1,   LTECAT-NB1 and GSM.It has multiple interfaces( like USB2.0, power input, full function serial port,SIM card port, power supply output,ADC port and multiple programmable general input/output interfaces.)Corresponding to overcharge and overdischarge, the chip has played a protective role. At the same time, the product can be connected to the headset. It can be called directly.It uses NAU8810 chip for voice processing to ensure the quality of the call.

Get to know the elderly’s dynamic state and activity trajectory in real time through mobile APP

When out of the fence ,it will alarm, the information can be observed through the mobile APP;

Simple operating, accurate positioning, wireless deployment

Moving trajectory checking, activity range monitoring

Body temperature Real-time monitoring , abnormal state alarming

Record  user health data, establish health records, find and eliminate health hazards in time

Elderly Tracking Gps Tracker pcb assembly Component layout

elderly tracking

elderly tracking

  1. Battery management chip
  2. Low static current low voltage linear regulator
  3. Transient overvoltage protection chip
  4. Wireless charging receiver chip
  5. ARM microcontroller
  6. SIM card pedestal
gps tracker for elderly

gps tracker for elderly

  1. RF antenna pedestal
  2. RF antenna pedestal
  3. Filter chip
  4. Low noise RF amplifier
  5. Multi-band LTEFDD data transmission module, with rich interfaces