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JY electronics circuit board as a PCB/PCBA OEM manufacturer, we made so many customized PCBA project. They are widely used in industry, agriculture, technology, and life. Rich and diverse, full of new ideas. Today I will share with you a thermometer from a Japanese measurement company.circuit board JY BOM Greenhouse Thermometercircuit board JY BOM Greenhouse Thermometer

Greenhouse Thermometer PCBA

This greenhouse project is a project of a Japanese company. Before placing the order, the customer conducted a factory visit and audit of our company JY. T

  1. We audited and investigated the dust-free situation of the factory, traceability management of incoming materials, warehouse material management, production planning, solder paste preservation, PCB flatness measurement, labeling of finished and semi-finished products, special area division, workers’ static electricity measures, machine inspection periodic table, AOI and X-RAY inspection machine, control plan, etc.
  2. Our factory met all the requirements after the audit and investigation.
  3. The customer expressed their satisfaction with our factory.

They praise us for seeing us use ERP system to manage data. All management of the company is based on ERP data management and IT management. We will update all the customer’s information and post-production summary in a timely manner by entering the system. We will upload test files and videos to the ERP as well. This way no matter who makes the production, there will be no data errors. And we have TS and ISO certifications. For some high-precision products or according to customer needs, we will make PPAP documents and make detailed control plans. IQC and OQC inspection before and after production, which can better guarantee the quality of the product. In the end we signed a contract for 1,000 units per month. The next step is the LCD screen mold making and PCBA sample trial.

Project production

This thermometer consists of a main unit and several auxiliary units. The main unit of the control room collects the data of each extension remotely. Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse are suitable for the growth of crops.

The first is the design of the LCD screen above the thermometer. The customer made requirements on the pin style and arrangement of the LCD screen. The drawing of the 8-character tube style was also made.

The LCD screen will display the temperature and power consumption. We will make drawings and design internal principles according to the requirements given by customers. After the customer confirms the drawings, we need to make molds and produce samples for customer confirmation.

Challenges and Solutions for the Assembly of a Delicate Thermometer PCB

This is a one-month process. The schematic diagram of the LCD screen should also be given to the customer, so that the customer can design the PCB board according to this principle to ensure its normal operation.

PCB is composed of 3 parts. Motherboard, sub-substrate. There are two small antenna PCB boards on the left and right above the sub-board. These PCBs are FR4, double-layer board, green oil white letters, lead-free HASL, copper thickness 1oz, 1.6mm board thickness.

The difficulty of this thermometer lies in the placement, assembly, and test procedures. Because there are many delicate small parts, small plug-ins, and when wave soldering, it is necessary to make a jig to improve production efficiency.

There are some parts that need to be processed early in production. The welding of the LCD screen must be completed in a dust-free workshop. A little dust will be very eye-catching and not allowed. The engineer will make a simple jig based on the drawings given by the customer to test the PCBA and supply power. After the final assembly of the shell, the final test is performed with a spectrum analyzer.

Flexible Approaches to Meet Customer Demands in the PCB Assembly Process

For the case, the customer gave the design documents, which is convenient for us to find suppliers to make and quote. We have several long-term cooperation with the shell factory, is currently in the proofing stage. Since customers want to make new products as soon as possible, we made 100 3D printed shells for the assembly of initial samples.

Because it is new, the customer said that although both C5 and C8 in the BOM were purchased, they only need to be mounted. As for which work performed better, it was proposed to produce 10 samples first. 5 of them posted C5 and 5 posted C8.

In fact, firstly assemble the 10 pcs samples, the process is same as do the batch. Our engineer need to do the machine program, and put each item part into the SMT machine. We are equivalent to doing SMT twice. But the mission of JY is to help customers succeed. It is a very good thing to be able to confirm good samples before batching. Not only are customers at ease, but all of us at JY will be more at ease to ensure the quality and function of our products.

Our capabilities-circuit board JY BOM Greenhouse Thermometer

It took us only 2 days to produce samples for testing and shipment. For sudden requests from customers, we respond in time and schedule production. We also cooperate with many logistics companies and export to more than 80 countries, such as this Japanese customer, we can guarantee the delivery of products the next day after delivery. There are very good prices and logistics speed. Customers are also very satisfied and pleasantly surprised.

circuit board JY BOM Greenhouse Thermometer

As a professional PCBA Manufacturer, we could supply one-stop service, including PCB board making, PCB Reverse Engineering, components sourcing, SMT assembly work, Program+Test, housing making, housing assembly…

We aslo have ERP system to manage every project from production file, quotation, purchase, production, delivery until service after it. We can quickly and accurately find the date for starting a project, no matter when the client wants to begin

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