Project Description

Sea buoy GPS for boats, container ship tracking, and boat GPS tracker. MSC vessel tracking, shipment vessel tracking number tracker. Circuit board PCB manufacturer, GPS tracker, cheap PCB assembly, and electronic manufacturing services.

production number:A195

product properties

Panel Size: 94 * 99mm

layers: 4 layers

minimum pore size: 0.5mm

solder welding color: green

sheet material: fr4

copper thickness: 1OZ

silk print color: white

minimum line width line distance: minimum line distance 0.182mm, minimum line width 0.305mm

PCB Surface process: ENIG

application areas

This product is used in the field of buoy positioning and tracking. After the fishing boat is off the net, this product is located in the large float position, which can realize the positioning and search of the fishing net on the shore or on the boat, and can also prevent the recovery of the fishing net after some special circumstances occur. For example, if the ocean current is too large, fishing nets are taken away.

It can also be used to locate the position of the buoy on the sea surface to prevent the buoy from drifting away with the current.

The Main Function Tracker Pcba

 Real-time Positioning and Power Monitoring for Buoys and Fishing Nets.

a. Real-time positioning function for buoys or fishing nets. Due to the strong wind and waves at sea, when encountering heavy wind and waves, the buoy or fishing net floats may move along with the wind and waves. This product can perform real-time positioning back to the location, and send the current location and the moved trajectory information back to the background. In order to facilitate back-end management and control. The GPS module locates in real time and sends the position information to the main control chip, and the main control chip sends the position and other information to the background through the communication module.

b. Product power real-time monitoring function. When used for buoys and fishing nets, most of them should be in the deep sea area, far away from the shore. If you need to get the product to see the power information, it will consume a lot of financial resources. This product can return the current power information to facilitate battery replacement or maintenance.

Product Features for Oceanic Monitoring and Maintenance of Buoys and Fishing Nets

circuit board

c. Electronic fence alarm function. In order to prevent special circumstances such as storms from taking the buoys or fishing net floats far away, electronic fences can be set up. Exceed the fence range, and give an alarm reminder.

d. It can be connected to an external light, and the background can be manually alarmed and flashed to remind. When searching for the buoy, the alarm can be controlled in the background, buzzing, and flashing lights, so as to recover and maintain.

e. Real-time temperature and humidity detection of buoys or fishing nets. Observe the temperature and humidity of the floating position of the buoy or fishing net in real time to facilitate the judgment of whether it is safe and whether it can be maintained or recycled. Through the external temperature and humidity sensor, the data is collected, sent to the main control chip for packaging, and the packaged data is transmitted to the control background through the wireless communication module to realize real-time monitoring.

Product Specifications: Advanced Chip and GPS Module for Improved Product Performance.

f. The main control chip uses ST brand STM32F437VIT7. Compared with the STM32F2 series, the STM32F4 series has better performance, DSP performance, and more SRAM. It can be applied to products that require more powerful functions. The chip can provide linear performance up to 168MHz, providing a more powerful platform for addressing products.

g. The GPS module uses FGPMMOPA6H model, the brand is Sierra Wireless, with MT3339 chipset, supports GPS, QZSS, SBAS. It can realize the related functions of positioning products. GPS is used to realize positioning, and QZSS and SBAS are used to assist positioning to ensure the accuracy of positioning. And it supports data recording, with its own storage unit, which can record and store part of the data information.

product selling points

a. Waterproof. Although it is placed in floating drifting, the floating lotion may have leakage, the product is highly waterproof, waterproof level IP68, and it is immersed in water in a certain pressure for a long time.

b. The product can be sent to the background with information such as the current power, position, sports trajectory, and other information.

c. Larger fishing operations, high fishing equipment cost, install this product, prevent damage caused by loss.

d. The outer shell is extremely corrosion resistance and can easily address the corrosion caused by long-term contact with sea water.

e. The product is small and will not affect the floating standard.

Difficulties Difficulty of production 

a. There are many chips on the substrate, and the pins are denser, and the direction needs to be carefully confirmed. In addition, multiple bottom pin components have higher requirements for soldering, and it is also more difficult to repair later problems.

b. The product needs to be programmed and tested. In order to reduce the bad risk of the operation and improve the production efficiency, it is necessary to make a fixture to ensure it.

c. The waterproof grade standard of the product is high, and the production is difficult.

d. Because this product is used at sea, the requirements for shock and collision resistance are high, and special attention should be paid to the welding state during production to ensure that it meets the standard.

e. Due to the high accuracy requirements of this product, multiple tests are required for comparison when testing functions to confirm whether the product is qualified.

GPS tracking

Product Components and Technologies for Enhanced Circuit Design.

  1. I/O expander.
  2. RS-232 interface integrated circuit.
  3.  ARM Microcontroller-MCU 16/32-BITS MICROS.
  4. Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory.
  5. Accelerometer e-compass 3D MEMS.
  6. Switching regulator 42 V Input 3.5 A.
  7. Buffer and line driver.