Project Description

PCB Assembly for Container Vessel Tracking: Providing Reliable GPS Tracking for Your Ships

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Order NumbeA303

Specifications:Container Vessel Tracking PCB Assembly

Board Size: 130*189mm

Numbers of layer: 6 layers

Min Hole Diameter:0.5mm

Soldermask Color: Green

Board material: FR4

Copper Thickness:1 OZ

Silkscreen Color: White

The minimum circuit width is 0.167mm and the minimum circuit distance is 0.303mm.

Surface Technics:immersion gold

Application area (specific)

Detection detect real-time information on operating position, direction and speed. The device can record running track and provide information about current operating speed, angle, and nearest port location. Real-time detection of the terrain, depth, angle and other distance between the cargo ship and the shore. The background screen will display the seconds or minutes after operating the ship.Container Vessel Tracking PCB Assembly

Advanced Features for Accurate and Efficient Cargo Ship Operation

1.The accurate positioning to accurately display the information about the operation and docking of the cargo ship.

2.Record the running track. Ability to accurately record the position where the ship had operated, and the operating direction and speed at the time. For facilitate maintenance of the vessel, identify the location for key maintenance.

3.Prejudgment function. After operating the operating ship, you can prioritize and show the trajectory of the ship for the next period of time. Can enable the driver to detect the operating errors in advance, and adjust in time.

4.Sensors can be installed at each angle of the vessel for detection. A number of sensors are installed at the stern and on both sides of the ship. When docked or away from the shore, the distance of the ship is directly displayed from the shore to facilitate the driver to operate the boat. Container Vessel Tracking PCB Assembly

5.Higher waterproof grade.The product has a waterproof grade of IP68 and a shell made of high corrosion-resistant material to ensure normal operation of the product.Ships that come into contact with highly corrosive seawater use the product.

Advanced Technology for Safe and Efficient Navigation at Sea

1.Identify the location in real-time. The ability to locate the current location at sea in real time and is also shown in the background on shore. Accurate positioning and high accuracy.

2.Real-time display of the vessel operating speed, angle, and the location and distance of the nearest port. When operating at sea, the current operating speed, operating angle, and the nearest port to the current location, and distance.

3.Expected the movement of the ship for a period of time after its operation. The operation of the vessel has delay. Record and calculate the operation of the product, so as to adjust the wrong operation in time to ensure the safety of the vessel.

4.Train maps around the incoming port can be provided showing seabed depth. Relevant information can be searched and topographic maps around the harbour based to its location. Show the depth of the harbour coast to facilitate vessel entry and departure.

5.Stop or from the port shows the vessel at each angle from the shore. Position multiple sensors at different locations of the vessel to detect the distance from the shore. The product background shows the outline of the ship and shows the distance between the ship and the angle of the ship and the shore. Convenient to stop and sailing, to ensure the accuracy and safety.

Precise Manufacturing and Testing for High-Performance Container Vessel Tracking PCB Assembly

1.This product has more large modules, after the furnace and after the furnace inspection, need to pay special attention, easy to occur tin climbing state is bad, need and other problems.

2.Chips more, the direction before welding needs to pay more attention to prevent chip welding reverse, resulting in product failure.

3. Because the product has high waterproof and high corrosion resistance, we need to strictly control product assembly and packaging to ensure characteristics like waterproof grade and corrosion resistance.We need to conduct an aging test to verify the product’s performance and service life.

4.There are many precision components, so the installation scheme should be considered in advance to make the smooth production.

5.This product has more functions and precision, for the product testing, it is more difficult, we need to do the test plan in advance, to test the whole aspects of the product function.

6.SMT nuts, requiring accurate positioning. Steel mesh needs to open the tin for SMT patch production.

7.To prevent false welding and cold welding of large components due to the inductive capacitance of this product, it is necessary to adjust the furnace temperature curve before passing the furnace.

Component layout

Container Vessel Tracking PCB Assembly

  2. DB9 RS485 The external interface
  3. RS485 Signal isolation interface
  4. 3G Wireless communication module
  5. GPS/BDS External interface of the module
  6. STM32F439 MAIN CONTROL CHIP Cortex-M7@180MHz
  7. Onebox Cable controls the moving module