Project Description

We successfully produced a smart beauty mask PCB board for our customer. The delivery time required by customers is very strictly and almost impossible for us to complete production. But we finally delivered on time by our hard work. Customer is very satisfied that we can delivery in such a short time and ensure that all the PCBAs pass the functional test. They feel thankful for our entire team on handling the problem in a timely and efficient manner.

Custom Reviews

Production Introduction:

Mask beauty instrument is an advanced high-tech beauty project. Use full-spectrum strong light, directly irradiated on the surface of the skin. It can penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, remove all kinds of defects on the skin. The photonic skin tenderizer adopts new technology, comprehensive software upgrade, high intelligent control system, automatic identification of different color spectra. It is more strictly control of the output of specific spectra, better skin tenderness effect and more safe. Different color photons head that respectively for different skin defects, skin tenderness effect is more prominent.

Production Structure:

This product consists of two parts – main control PCB board and face mask circuit board

1.The face mask circuit board is FPC ( Flexible PCB) and material is Polyimide. Surface Finishing is OSP (also known as the oxidation resistance). The panel way is V-CUT or stamp holes.

Smart Wearing Beauty Mask

2.Control board material is FR4, LF-HASL surface finishing and panel way is V-CUT.

control board

Production Difficult:

Technical difficulties in the preliminary work

1) Main control chip need do program burning, so we need prepare test tooling, test environment and test way.

2) As face mask board is flexible PCB, so assembly tooling is necessary for components assembly.

Technical difficulties in medium-term work

LED1) The face mask board is assembled by a kind of 5050-packaged four-color LED that needs to be baked at 65 degree for 12 hours prior to remove the water vapor in the LED lamp and prevent the burst from appearing after assembly.

2) The face mask material is flexible circuit board. When the mask board is placed on the load plate, it will appear uneven when it passes through the re-flow oven. As this board is a one-sided assembly board, we find a way to solve the uneven problem, it’s to use double-sided high temperature tape on the load board to deal with it.

3) Confirm the polarity of components is main job for control board.

Technical difficulties in the later work

1)  Testing of mask board : The difficulty is to prepare the test equipment and test conditions, the height of the test probe, the selection of the test probe and connection between mask board and the test fixture, etc.

Performance Test for Face Mask Board

2) Program burning and performance test: The JIP test tooling wires connection is a very importance and difficult matter as it really has many wires. To burn main control chip is a key point.

Controller Board JIP Test Tooling

Intelligent Wearing Beauty Mask PCBA Test

First of all, we need to program the completed controller board, use MPLAB X software Windows PC and device programmer PICKIT4 to finish it. It needs use 12V adapter power supply. We also use the auxiliary test to do test and the special point . Make sure finally to achieve client requests on performance test.Like the left image show led board lighting and some right values show on the JIP test tooling display panels.

Wearing Beauty Mask PCBA Directions:

This product we combine the controller board and mask board together.It needs to connect 12V power for controller board after it programmed. The control board contains four key switches, the corresponding function is ‘mode’ ‘increase’ ‘decrease’ ‘reset’, red light is to promote cell regeneration, improve the swelling after operation. The effect of blue light is to treat acne on the skin and be friendly to sensitive muscles. The effect of IR is to reduce inflammation and promote the healing of small wounds. This product is safe, high temperature free and easy to operate without additional training on how to use.

Our Advantages

We have many years of working experience in the PCB and PCBA industries. After continuous improvement, we now have a complete management and production inspection system.

ERP System

We use ERP system from the entry of all data to the material access management, real-time updates until inspection. The ERP system effectively increases the integrity and uniformity of data storage, helping employees to simplify work processes and improve work efficiency so as to avoid recurrence of problems. Scientific and reasonable management of various resource integration problems encountered during the operation of the enterprise, helping our employees to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Strict IQC Inspection

Inspection and acceptance of parts must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of this regulation.

1. During IQC inspection and acceptance, anti-static gloves are necessary and you can’t touch the IC chip with your bare hands to avoid the phenomenon of electrostatic breakdown of the product.

2. Measure weather capacitance, resistance and inductance are consistent with the BOM value . Whether the LED light color is consistent with the BOM. Check whether the PCB Mark points are symmetrical or not.

Component Procurement Control

Purchasing personnel establish a comprehensive evaluation system for suppliers creditworthiness, performance, after-sales service capabilities and material market price conditions and trends according to the company’s necessary. Choose a reasonable price, reliable quality and high-quality service providers, establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with them to control the quality of components from the source. Effectively control and track the entire process of procurement logistics and capital flow to ensure the normal production and operation of enterprises.

Professional testing equipment

Our company is equipped with professional testing equipment to provide product quality assurance. In the early stage of production, the pin gauge and V-groove depth tester are used to test the PCB and the LCR meter is used to test the components. At the end of production, we use AOI to inspect welding problems and perform finished product inspection according to the tools provided by customers. Guarantee to provide customers with qualified products in the end.

Protection of intellectual property

Our company has a clear intellectual property management policy and goals and resolutely implements quality management system standards. Now has obtained the certificate of intellectual property management system certification.

–By Lucy