Project Description

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Order Number:AF923


Board Size:67.95*44.87mm

Numbers of layer:6

Min Hole Diameter:0.5mm

Soldermask Color:Green

Board material:FR4

Copper Thickness:1OZ

Silk screen Color:White

Minimum circuit width and distance:Minimum circuit width is 0.16mm,Minimum circuit distance is 0.15mm

Surfacetechnics:immersion gold

Application area(specific)

This product is used for container truck positioning, and can monitor the temperature in the container in real time. It is suitable for positioning and navigation of cold chain freight vehicles.

Selling Points

The product has powerful function and compact size.Built in a variety of modules, can be the vehicle position, running state all-round monitoring, and small size, will not take up too much space.

No need for external network, the onboard person can grasp the vehicle information in real time.Using Bluetooth communication protocol and mobile APP, the onboard person can also monitor the vehicle information in real time in the environment with poor network.

Data retention capabilities.The overall design adopts low power consumption, adding 128M built-in storage, which can still save important data in the case of insufficient battery output voltage.

Linear accelerometer navigation, regardless of terrain.Adding LIS3DHTR linear acceleration sensor, in the case of poor GPS signal, the acceleration sensor can also be used to navigate according to the algorithm.

Multiple kinds of external interfaces.IIC protocol, CAN bus protocol, SPI communication protocol, RS232/RS485 serial port protocol external interface and multiple GPIO ports are added to improve the compatibility of the equipment.

Container temperature monitoring.Through the temperature sensor, the temperature in the container can be uploaded to the APP in real time. In case of problems, the mobile phone can be used to issue instructions to MUC to control the temperature.

Data uploading in time, providing cloud background services.Using the SAPA-U201 GSM/GPRS module of U-Box, the monitoring data can be packaged and uploaded to the cloud platform for background big data analysis.

Production difficulties

The board is 6 layer double-sided circuit board with dense components and high maintenance difficulty.

The product contains multiple chips with built-in pins (such as U2 and U20). During the production, it is necessary to ensure the tin climbing state of the chip pins

The product needs to be burned and tested. In order to reduce the adverse risk of operation and production efficiency, need to be made fixture to guarantee it.

During the assembly module U5, there is the phenomenon of virtual welding. The steel mesh is optimized for this component.

There are multiple MiniBGA for the product, so the quantity and production capacity of the machine need to be controlled when design the panel.

Container temperature monitoring and control.Serial port or Bluetooth external temperature sensor can be used to accurately control the environment in the container.

Real-time monitoring of vehicle status.Tire pressure monitoring, ABS status, light status, generator fuel level monitoring, at any time to master the status of the vehicle.

Device monitoring logging.The previous driving path and vehicle status are recorded and saved. The recorded data can be sent to the background through the GPRS module, which is equivalent to the “little black box” on the airplane.

Precise positioning and navigation.Adopt GPS/GLONASS dual positioning, and configure linear acceleration sensor, even if GPS positioning failure, also can provide excellent navigation service.

A variety of external extension interface.Multiple external interfaces, emergency buttons, microphones, speakers and other peripherals can be added.

trackers for vans

GSM/GPRS  communication module

The external port:Contains GPIO, SPI, I2C, and I2S communication interface

GPS+GLONASS navigation module

Bluetooth transmission control chip

Step-down chip

Charge management chipv

trackers for vans

  1. GSM/GPRS Ceramic antenna
  2. SIM card slot
  3. STM32 maincontrol chip
  4. Linear acceleration sensor
  5.  128M Flash storagechip
  6. GAN bus external interface
  7.  512K running memory
  8. Power interface
  9.  GPS/GLONASS Ceramic antenna