Project Description

PCB Toy Car Kid Education PCB Assembly Gerber

Layer 1~20 layers
Max Panel Size 541*647mm (Specialized can be up to 950mm)
Finished Hole Dia PTH +/-0.003”, NPTH +/-0.002″
Hole Position Accuracy PTH +/-0.003”
Ring Annulus Min 0.1mm
Aspect Ratio Min 1:8
Solder Mask Registration PTH +/-0.003”
Layer to Layer Registration PTH +/-0.003”
Copper Feature to Holes Registration PTH +/-0.003”
Min Plated Drills to Copper 0.25mm, 0.30mm

We mainly offer High-Precision Single-Side, Double-Side,Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards,LED Aluminium Printed Circuit Board,Customers Components Procurement and PCB Assembly (SMT) Business,PCB Layout.

Application area
PCB Board we have produced aremainly used in the lndustrialControl,Medical
Treatment,Automobile area.All theproducts must meet lSO9001 UL CE
etc. certification with high qualitysodering for wires and nofingerprint.