Project Description

Recently we received an order for 3 types of PCBA for garden alarm equipment. These four electronic PCB boards are very similar, and the most intuitive difference is the color difference. After research, we found that only one or two components of these four boards are different. The production of this product is very easy to be confused when it is put together. Therefore, the requirements for our pre-installation preparation are very high.

PCB Board Features:

Layer: 2 layer

Track width/distance: 0.36mm

Pads: oil filled in via holes

TG value: 130TG

Vias: PTN&NPTH both on the same board

Material: KB

Solder&Silk: green solder mask and white silk screen

Anti-caf: No requests


Panel Size: 60*73mm for one pcs in one panel

X-OUT PCB: Accept


TEST: Electronic Test 100%


Test points: test points on pcb board

Surface finishing: LF-HASL

Circuit Board Assembly Features:

Components purchasing: accept Chinese brand equivalent components

Min. Component Size: Min package is 0402,no 0201 components

Highest Component Height: 30mm for a capacitor

garden alarm pcb highest components

Not good for assembly: J1,J2,J3,J5,J6 design are very similar and they have requests on direction

Equivalent Components: Not acceptable


Components Process: cut DIP components pin to make sure its height fit for product

CHIPS: There is solder bridge between chip pads

LED Light: 12w led

Outside Components: No

Component Angel: No

Some problmes during electronic assembly process:

Because these three PCB pritned circuit boards are very similar, in order to avoid confusion when welding, our technicians need to prepare the materials and mark the differences at the beginning of the project. The four electronic circuit board have exactly the same PCB, it’s just that some of these components are not welded on one model or replaced with other tailings. The work instruction is the only standard for welding. Welding workers should strictly follow the requirements of the work instructions to make welding procedures, and manual welders should carefully read the work instructions to complete the work without mistakes.

Product function introduction:

It’s a PCB printed circuit board used on garden alarms, so it takes a long time to charge, it takes a long time to charge before the circuit board can’t work, and it controls the entire alarm, which is the core of the alarm. As soon as an action beyond the stored program occurs, the board’s program triggers an alarm, and the buzzer sounds to alert people.
Product market prospects:

This electronic PCB board is currently marketed in the United States. Because most American families are single-family or townhouses, the gardens are part of the villas, and americans are extremely protective of their property. So locals buy warning devices and install them all over the garden to prevent intruders or danger. Therefore, the market of this product is very broad and the update is very fast, which means a large number of long-term orders.

The following is a detailed drawing of this product. Everybody can see our PCBA quality and welding quality through the detailed drawing of the product. For high-quality circuit board products, our company adopts ISO9001 control system. If your product has BGA pads, our company can provide X-ray inspection to ensure BGA welding quality. Welcome contact us for project discussion, professional service is always our proud.

detailed about garden arlarm pcba