Project Description

PCB Specification

Main board is a 4 layer PCB board. Thickness of board is 1.6mm, cooper with 2oz thickness. But their surface finishing all are Lead Free HASL. All four boards are green solder with white silk. The pads on board are normal. It is easy to produce.The specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2,width and distance between circuit are all common, when mass production we make panels of 2 pcs in one panel, add 10mm edge and 4 mark hole of the panels, after assembly we will cut off the edge from the pcs, all inquiries are meet industry standards. There is no X-out board in panels, and production process belongs to conventional production.

Chips on the PCB Board

Because this board is a car board, the above chip purchase is particularly difficult. There are 7-8 chips in foreign countries. We order from foreign factories, but the difficulty is that now we are purchasing from abroad, and the import tariff has increased, so it increases. Our production costs, and the exchange rate changes will also have an impact, the company decided to talk to customers about a year’s orders, and then talk to the foreign factory prices, to achieve a constant mechanism, so as to facilitate subsequent smooth production.

chip on pcb board

45-leg connectors

The most difficult part of this printed circuit board is that these two connectors are all 45-leg connectors. It was difficult to find in the market at first. Later, we made a custom-made manufacturer who specializes in car connectors. I sent samples to the factory, mold opening and closing, mold cost is a very high cost, but our company is progressing smoothly for the customer’s project, willing to take part to assist the development of the customer’s project, open the mold, the order quantity is 5000 sets, we give the customer produced 1000 sets of sample sheets, and the work is very smooth at present, the customer has to return 2000 sets.

connector for car pcb assembly

Another difficulty in this project is the test. The customer gives us the test fixture. Then I translate it and send it to the engineering department. The technology is tested according to the finished samples and processes, the results work very well. Some small problems are that the resistance accuracy of the resistor has changed, and after a confirmation from the customer, it is slightly debugged, and finally all works well.

The automobile industry is an important pillar industry of China’s national economy and plays an important role in national economic and social development. In recent years, China’s automobile production and sales have maintained steady growth. In 2017, China’s automobile production and sales volume exceeded 38 million.

At present, the trend of new energy vehicles is particularly good. We are also negotiating strategic cooperation with customers to innovate the original old design and update this PCBA.