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Printed Circuit Board For Precision instrument

Precision instrument pcba ?At the end of 2019, we received inquiries from customers in the United States. Customers need PCBs with high TG and high quality and used in industrial control high-end instruments. Therefore, when selecting a panel, you need to use high-quality PCB materials.

The purpose is to provide high-quality products to meet design requirements such as height, reducing crosstalk, improving signal integrity, and improving power consumption. The number of PCB layers usually depends on the power distribution and signal routing density.

We provide customers with three different types of circuit boards and make samples according to their requirements. The needs of customers were finally met.

PCB description:

In today’s products, the typical application of electronic instruments is within 1GHz. There are many vendors and materials that provide excellent signal characteristics in terms of impedance control and insertion loss. Impedance control is critical for memory and I / O interfaces. Insertion loss determines the signal integrity of the design, so we provide customers with the following three circuit boards.

Rogers RO4000

Features of Rogers RO4000. This series of high-frequency circuit materials are glass-reinforced hydrocarbon / ceramic laminates (non-PTFE) designed for high-volume commercial applications sensitive to performance. RO4000 laminates are designed to provide excellent high-frequency Performance and low cost circuit manufacturing. Therefore, low-loss materials can be manufactured using standard epoxy / glass (FR4) processes at competitive prices.

The characteristics of Rogers RO4000, this material has the performance required by RF microwave circuit designers. Stable electrical performance under ambient conditions makes repeatable designs of filters, matching networks and controlled impedance transmission lines possible. The low dielectric constant makes the RO4000 series materials useful in many applications where higher operating frequencies limit the use of conventional circuit board laminates.

1. Specification table: IPC-4101 / 126, for reference only.
2. All typical values ​​are based on 1.6mm samples, while TG is suitable for samples ≥0.50mm.
3. All typical values ​​listed above are for reference only. For more information, please contact Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. All rights in this data sheet are reserved by Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Explanation: C = humidity adjustment D = immersion adjustment is distilled water E = temperature adjustment.

The number after the letter symbol uses the first digit to indicate the duration of the pretreatment (in hours), the second digit to indicate the pretreatment temperature in degrees Celsius, and the third digit to indicate relative humidity.

FR4 S1000-2

Features of FR4 S1000-2, it has lead-free compatible FR-4 laminate, TG 170 ° C (DSC), UV / AOI compatible, high heat resistance, excellent through hole reliability and excellent VAF resistance . Low water absorption. These applications are suitable for high aspect ratios and advanced PCBs. Widely used in computers, communication equipment, precision instruments, routers, etc.


1. Specification sheet: IPC-4101/126, is for your reference only.
2. All the typical value is based on the 1.6mm specimen, while the TG is for specimen ≥0.50mm.
3. All the typical value listed above is for your reference only. Please turn to Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd for detailed information, and all rights from this data sheet and reserved by Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Explanations: C= Humidity conditioning D=Immersion conditioning is distilled water E=Temperature conditioning.

The number after the letter symbol uses the first digit to indicate the duration of the pretreatment (in hours), the second digit to indicate the pretreatment temperature in degrees Celsius, and the third digit to indicate relative humidity.

FR4 S1000-2
As shown: S1000-2 and standard high Tg, internal copper 4oz, dip solder 288c, 10s, 3x, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg

As shown: S1000-2 and standard high Tg, LD reflow is 3 times, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg
S1000-2 multilayer board, Q1000 (-45c ~ 130c), after 1000 cycles.

S1000-2 and standard high Tg, solder immersion powder 288c, 10s, 3x, S1000-2 is better than standard high Tg

FR4 IT150-S

Features of FR4 IT150-S,it is an advanced low CTE, high TG multifunctional epoxy laminate. We designed this material to cater not only to standard multilayer PCBs but also to high electrical performance applications that require leak-free properties.

Key features are advanced high-Tg resin technology, extremely low DK and low Df, excellent signal integrity, lead-free assembly compatibility, user-friendly processing and CAF resistance.

FR4 IT150

These pictures can fully explain the special characteristics of this board.


Test Method:

As developer and circuit design engineer; the best test method for PCB is real-time PCB application signal test and measurements, measuring signal losses, cross-talk, power trace impedance.
Using electronic test and measurement tools such as power supply, function generator, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer, one can determine quality of PCB work.

Customer Feedback

The number one key to working with any PCB supplier is the quality of their product, followed by delivery date and cost.The quality would be the primary concern as lots of work will go into design and development of any product. Ensuring quality of product would be key success factor for any design.


After the customer received the plates, they gave us a high quality evaluation.

Why do you continue to cooperate with us?

Per previous PCB design cycle, identified the improved product quality in comparison to other PCB fab companies. Additionally – Your company’s skilled engineering team were able to identify PCB issues prior to PCB build, saving cost and improving PCB design quality.
Friendly sales team – managing PCB work from start of any project to delivery is vital important. It has been pleasure to work with Ms. Frances on several projects and looking forward to work on upcoming project with your company’s team.

We have been in this industry for 14 years. Committed to becoming a respectable and new technology service provider that provides one-stop service for PCB small-scale electronics companies from PCB production design, component placement and assembly. We use our expertise to solve problems for customers, meet customer requirements, and enable customers to obtain the highest quality products.

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