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School Bus GPS tracking system is designed to ensure safety and efficiency for school transportation. With advanced GPS technology, our trackers provide real-time location and status updates for each vehicle in your fleet, giving you complete control and peace of mind. Whether you need to monitor route and speed, monitor for unauthorized use, or provide parents with up-to-date information, our high-quality tracking system provides reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Specifications School Bus Gps Tracking


48.5*40mm BoardSize:48.5*40mm

Numbersoflayer:2 layers











Car tracking — school bus tracking

Selling Point

The school bus positioning

The school bus trajectory

School Bus management and dispatch

Students’ safety

School Bus Stop Tips

Drivers and students clocking in

Analysis of drivers’ driving habits

Difficulty in School Bus Gps Tracking

There are two antenna pedestals sticking out of the plate, which makes it difficult to make pictures. During production, the boards need to be welded after splitting the plates

BG96MA is a module so the year of the material, the printing state of the paste, and the accuracy of mounting are very high

The thickness of 3BG96MA module is 26.5*22.5*2.3mm, the volume is relatively large, the components are relatively heat absorption, the temperature of reflux furnace needs to be increased, the specific value of the furnace temperature curve needs to be adjusted using a temperature tester

4BG96MA is the module and the bottom welding pad. The welding status cannot be found in the surface inspection, so it needs X-ray machine to check

5SMA antenna seat welding is easy to tilt, the need to strictly control the aperture, welding preheating and over wave soldering temperature and speed according to the welding situation

GPRS and GSM positioning

The LED indicator

The driver cracked

Speeding remind

A key alarm

BG96MA integrates a GSM/GPRS module produced by domestic remote communication. The communication function and one key alarm of the GSM module are the main features. The locating, tracking, and track viewing functionalities are mainly performed by the GPRS module.And built-in swiping function.

MPU6050 is a six-axis acceleration sensor, can transfer the speed data to the background, the background to remind the driver to do, and record bad, bad too much card driver will not use, and other school bus will not use.

gps tracker pcbschool bus tracker

School Bus Gps Tracking

1. SIM card slot

2.Power management chip

3.GSM antenna interface

4.GPS antenna interface

5.Usb power interface

6.GSM and GPRS and swiped card integration module