Project Description

In Europe and the United States, many families have their own lawns, and park green areas cover the lawn. These lawns must be regularly trimmed to beautify the environment. Otherwise will be fined. Nowadays, life and work tend to be artificially intelligent.

The projects is related to intelligent mowing robots. The project came from a US customer who was a company designer and took on a design requirement from his client, they are looking for professional PCB manufacturer to help them finish the project. If the sample was tested successfully, there would be a wide range of mass production. It will be used in projects such as greening of various families and cities.

PCBA Projects Details

It is a 4 layer PCB, TG140, 1.6mm board thickness, copper thickness 2OZ/2OZ/2OZ/2OZ, surface finishing ENIG, solder mask green and Silk print white. Fabricate per IPC-6012 Class 2, punch tooling hole registration tolerance +/-0.005. Conductor width tolerance +/-20%. The fabrication shall be UL approved and RoHS certification. The board size is 105mm*195mm. It is a two side mount PCB board, with super mini BGA on it.

Mini BGA on PCB Board

We checked the BOM list, and try best to use good components also with competitive price. As some connect pins and resistor, capacitors,push button could use alternative ones with same specification, same quality, but low price. This way could ensure the product with good quality and save cost for our customer. They told us they want good quality but also want develop this project not cost a lot. The IC we used the same one as BOM listed. Our engineer checked the BOM list carefully, we list all the question and confirm with the customer.Instrumentation projects must have good precision.

About the Mini BGA

About the mini BGA, our engineer check the data sheet very carefully, as it is a high precision components we must understand it’s nature, handle temperature and assembly correctly. The customer didn’t list specification of many pin header, we check the gerber and provide all data sheet to customer to check. It’s a two side solder PCB, so we also must check temperature to avoid damaging some component on the PCB.

This PCBA has 3 programmed ICs. Program the IC, we must make a fixture for it. The program let intelligent mower as an automatic walking function to prevent collisions, prevent out-of-line, automatic return charging, safety detection and battery level detection, and has certain climbing ability, especially for lawns suitable for home gardens, public green spaces, etc.

About mini BGA, a highly temperature sensitive component,we stored it under constant temperature and dry conditions. The operator should strictly follow the operating process and avoid the components being affected before assembly. Our factory storage environment for BGA is 200C-250C. This BGA has a camera function that can detect the height of the lawn at all times. After setting the IC program, once the lawn is higher than a certain height, the PCBA will automatically start weeding and trim the lawn to a preset height.

fixture to test the pcbFinally, we made a fixture to test the PCB, so we made two test bench, the final step-test is very important, the customer provided us many files of test process, we follow all the test steps to make sure all finished PCBA by us can work well. After testing and PCBA production 100% passed and then we ship the goods to our customer. This is responsible for both customer and ourselves.