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What is PCB soldering?

Before discussing the special solder requirements of PCBA, I must first talk about the definition and classification of PCB soldering.
In PCB processing, soldering is a main connection method, a basic skill of PCB processing, and one of the main methods of metal processing. At each stage of the PCBA processing process, issues related to soldering must be considered. The following technicians from JY Technology will introduce to you the soldering knowledge.

The meaning of PCB PCBA Soldering SDM

Soldering is the process of connecting two or more separated workpieces into a whole according to a certain form and position. You can use heat, pressure or other methods, with or without fillers, relying on diffusion and bonding between atoms to make the two metals achieve a permanent and strong combination.


Soldering can generally be divided into three categories: fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing. Please see the below picture, you will better understand what I said.

(1)Fusion soldering: The method of welding when the joint of the weldment is heated to a molten state during the welding process without applying pressure. Such as arc welding, gas welding and plasma welding.

(2)Pressure soldering: The method of welding must be completed by applying pressure to the weldment during the welding process. It may or may not be heated during pressure welding. Such as ultrasonic welding, pulse welding and forging soldering .The following is a schematic diagram of the electrode arc soldering process method, please check it.

(3)Brazing: A metal material with a low melting point is used as the brazing material. The brazing material and the weldment are heated to a temperature higher than the melting point of the brazing material but lower than the melting point of the base material. The gap is mutually diffused with the base material to realize the method of connecting the weldment. Such as flame brazing, resistance brazing and vacuum brazing. According to the different melting point of solder, it is also divided into soft soldering (melting point lower than 450 ℃) and hard soldering (melting point higher than 450 ℃).

It is precisely because we understand the classification characteristics of PCBA processing and welding that our company can produce high-quality products in actual production.

Difficult situation PCB PCBA Soldering SDM

The PCBA is made for the Canadian customer Rainfresh brand company.

Rainfresh redefines water treatment and trusted by Canadians for over 60 years! You can see from the picture that the size of PCBAd is very small. This PCBA is all plug-in components, no SMD components.

This product is used in water filter units. Currently, you can easily find it on the shelves of 26 popular retailers in Canada.

Production PCB PCBA Soldering SDM difficulty:

This product has high precision requirements in the assembly, such as the angle of the battery, the length of the reel switch, the inclination and the double-sided waterproof coating.

This is a battery clip, as can be seen from the pictures, customers have strict requirements on it.So workers need to pay attention to the strength of the pinch during the welding process, not to bend them.

The above two pictures are related to the welding requirements of the reed switch, and customers value the inclination and lead spacing very much. Re tip length of 0.055” – 0.075” (see Stephen Leung Engineering guide)- This tip length must be straight. If bent it reduces reed sensitivity ( see fig 1  and Engineering guide).

The above picture is a wrong soldering PCB PCBA Soldering SDM version. Our customers do not accept any bending of the reed.

Through the above explanation, you know the difficulty of this project. At this time, we only solved the problem through the jig.

So what is a soldering jig?

Soldering jig:

A tooling fixture designed for mechanical processing, welding processing, assembly and other processes that are easy to process and meet the needs of accuracy; designed and manufactured for a certain welding product, used for fixing (clamping) ) Special tool for easy assembly of the product.

Inspection jig:

For inspection, because some products are not easy to measure and complex in shape, we have to design special inspection blocks or inspection jigs for a certain product; to improve production efficiency and control product quality this kind of product is specially made to detect the size of the product.

Due to the characteristics of the welding structure and welding process, the positioning of the welding workpiece on the jig, clamping and machining jigs are different.


1.As soldering products are generally assembled and welded by multiple simple parts, and the assembly and positioning of these parts in the jig must be carried out in a certain order, therefore, the positioning and clamping of the jig must be one Can be done individually.

2.In order to reduce or eliminate soldering deformation, the jig must be rigidly positioned and clamped on some single pieces

3.The soldering jig for fusion soldering mainly bears soldering stress, clamping reaction force and single-piece gravity.

4.Part of the soldering jig is an integral part of the secondary circuit of the soldering power supply, so insulation and conductivity are a problem that must be paid attention to in the design.

At that time, the delivery time was urgent, precisely because jig played a role, we can successfully produce 5,000 sets for our customers within 20 days, all the details are in line with customer standards, and our customers are very satisfied with our products.

Looking forward to any of your comments, whether it is praised or criticized, PCB PCBA Soldering SDM because it can make us JY better.

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