Project Description

Today I want to introduce you to the warehouse door pcb assembly project produced by our JY company.

In the PCB section:

Before the PCB production, we need to confirm the PCB production parameters. For example, the production parameters of this board are: single board production, the size is 15.51*14.63mm, the board is selected as common FR4, green solder resist oil, white silk screen, no The surface treatment process of lead-spray tin, through-hole cover oil. After confirming these parameters, our engineers will make a production draft based on the gerber data provided by the customer. This will take about a day. In order to ensure the accuracy of the production materials, we will send the information to the customer for confirmation, and then we will officially start producing PCBs. Because the process is not complicated, our charges are quite cheap.We charge with our customers 136.8SD for 100PCS . In the entire PCB production, what went very smoothly, it took about 5 days.

Component parts:

As seen in the picture, the components of this PCBA are still relatively dense. It has 41 types of components. Most of them are resistors and capacitors, and they are all quite cheap. Each is about 0.001 USD. We can also see some large connectors, such as KLS2-EDV-5.08-02P-4 + KLS2-EDK-5.08-02P-4S, KLS2-EDV-5.08-03P-4 + KLS2-EDK-5.08-03P-4S, KLS1-208Y-5.7-1-08-S This is essential for warehouse door controllers. There is also a U1-U8 chip in this PCBA, of which U8-CY07 v1.1 (433.92 Mhz) is the most expensive. We want to advise customers to use the same quality of China after replacement, the cost is much lower. The customer is very grateful to us.

PCB Assembly section:

When we start to assembly, it is very important to check the materials and determine the process. A component is wrong equal to the failure of the entire PCBA. In this product SMT, we must do the first PCBA test and make a refueling record. After reflow soldering, we will find out if there is a short circuit of soldering, solder balls, false soldering, etc. If one of these problems occurs, we will find out why. See if there is too much solder paste at the time of printing, the temperature of the solder paste is short, the temperature in the preheating zone is too fast, and the furnace temperature curve is adjusted. All the good products produced are layered.

Then we will enter the plug-in phase, and our workers will pay attention to the lead angles when welding. In particular, the direction of the components must be correct. Like this warehouse door control panel, special attention should be paid to the direction of the chip U8. In addition, the welding of its fuse holder is also required. When the board is wave soldering, our engineers will adjust the temperature and measure the temperature, and regularly throw out the tin slag. From the machine, the pcba, the workers always take it lightly and transport it with a special electrostatic transport box to prevent external forces. Impact loss components.

The warehouse door of the following picture is the application of this controller PCBA.

As you can see from the picture, it looks very special. The drum grille provides a high degree of security for the installation space, the main advantage of which is the small space required for handling and installation. We hope that our PCBA can help our customers succeed in the market.

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