Project Description

Wireless connection Liquid level detector Monitor and locate the liquid level of logistics container

Production No:B3511

Product attributes:

1.Panel size: 50 * 75.5mm


3.Minimum hole size: 0.3mm

4.color of solder mask: Green

5.plate material: FR4 + PI

6.copper thickness: 1oz

7.screen printing color: white

8.Minimum line width and distance: 0.20 mm / 0.12 mm

9.surface treatment method: ENIG

Monitor and locate the liquid level of logistics container

Selling Point

Compared with the liquid level detector in the market, this one is wireless connection, and almost all the markets are wired.

Hy-9325A and B potting adhesives are used for this product, and the waterproof grade can reach IP68.

This product boasts a low-power main control chip, the stm32l071kbu6, which gives it an impressive 30-year endurance. Additionally, it is equipped with the latest optical sensor, vl53l1cxv0fy/1, which provides accurate, real-time feedback on the liquid level of logistics containers to the terminal.

The product is selected from the ST brand LIS2DW12TR triaxial motion sensor, which measures the acceleration and data transmission speed very fast, which greatly shortens the delay of problem feedback

Production Difficulties

The combination of soft and hard plate has high requirements for the processing of the base plate, and it also needs to make the vehicle pass through the furnace for the mounting.

For the copy program, the test steps are cumbersome, and the printer connected to the test results will print out the corresponding labels, so it is necessary to ensure that the label products must correspond one by one.

This product needs to be filled with glue, and the control requirements for the time and speed of filling are strict.

Welding requirements: This product needs to weld the battery, and the time and temperature of the battery pin welding need to be well controlled.

Production Requirements for Soft-Hard Plate Combination Electronic Product

Packaging in order to protect the protruding position of the sensor, special custom packaging box is needed.

The glue filling part needs to be filled successfully at one time. It must ensure that there is no bubble inside and the glue cannot flow out from the side gap. The method needs to seal the side gap with adhesive tape, and the glue must be injected from the side hole.

The room temperature of glue pouring should be controlled between 25 ° and 27 ° and should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the progress of glue pouring.

Because this project is a combination of soft and hard board, the integrated module is prone to false welding during mounting, so the production needs to make the vehicle pass through the furnace.


The liquid level of the container to be measured is detected by the proximity sensor.

The tracking and positioning function of the whole product is realized by bc68 integrated module, patch antenna and low-power master chip.

The system detects and relays the motion state of the container being tested via a three-axis motion sensor, ensuring that the liquid does not spill.

In addition, this product can also measure the pressure and temperature of the liquid inside the container through the sensor.

The system has an alarm function that detects liquid spillage and relays the information to the terminal. When the liquid level is below the designated threshold, the main control board in the terminal activates an alert.

Wireless connection liquid level detectorWireless connection liquid level detector

  1. Optical sensor
  2.  Patch antenna
  3. GSM module
  4. Main control chip
  5. ESIM chip
  6. Program burning interface
  7. Switching regulator
  8. Low dropout regulator
  9. Power supply interface