Project Description

The issue of safety has become more and more important,specially in house ,company office,hotel, because they are closely related to people’s life and property. So smart lock products could be used for home, office and hotel door. The lock core very intelligent and security. One of our typical products is Brazilian customer composition circuit boards.

There are total four types PCBA board, the internal item, external item, switch item and antenna case. They are all FR-4 material, lead free HASL surface finishing with green solder mask and white silk screen.The internal PCB board is 4 layers with blind holes, the dimension of board is 150mm*180mm. The other circuit boards are called external which is similar to this one in size and shape, but no blind hole. For switch item, they are very small, only 5mm*4mm, only one component ,this is a key switch. For antenna case, It needs to be soldered on internal board.

PCB Assembly for smart locksmart lock pcb assembly

For internal printed circuit board,besides assembly components, it also need to solder spring, a spiral, a flat one.This required horizontal welding and angle protection. After four types PCB all finishing assembly components, they need to connect with wires. There are three kinds of wires, two pins, three pins, and ten pins. The end of the wires are checked into the plastic shell. Each wires with different colors,it is convenient for customers to distinguish two ends of the same line according to the color. Then in order to fixed these wires, we put heat shrink tubing across wires. Left the same distance between the ends of each wire, the looseness of the heat-shrinkable tube is required, if too tighten, it is easy to damage wires, if too loose, it’s no fixed function. Final, connecting four types pcb board with finished wires.

connect pcb wires

Then is function test. Our customer delivery us a mini door for testing. The difficulty of testing is the complexity of the process, not only need to install two apps, and also need to record programming, then put these board into door lock, external board install at the front of the lock, switch board install on the handle place. On back side, are internal and antenna circuit board. Then put into four batteries to supply power.

Test process:

first open your phone and connect to the Internet, find the pre-installed software and start it. Then enter your account number and password, keep phone’s blue tooth be turned on. Then software and door lock have reaction. Because by this time the burn program has been given to the chip, so they have reaction. Then you go to the APP and you could enter another page where the LED light on the door lock flashing. That means the programming no problem.

Next let the door card and APP allocate, inserted right number and order, the card also flash red light for a while, that means the door card got right order. Next use this card to brush on front screen. If successful, you will heard Ding Ding voice. The first lock is opened, if you have already locked warded lock, you need to repeat brushed operation again, and this time, please used door card to brush back side. Finally you can also hear Ding Ding voice, then door is opened.

After pass function test we delivery 1000PCS for each board by sea to customer, they received then and do spot check, 100% good products.

Since this product be used for people’s home, company office , and hotel, the safety factor is very high ,so they are very hot market, they also help our customer gain their client favorable comment and good profits.

smart lock