Project Description

Electric meter is a STS30s product, it is used for taxi or 3 wheels car in India. The main function is that taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxi and auto rickshaws that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time. Its shortened form “taxi”, is also a news for the hired cars that use them. Below is our customer from India and introduce the product for us.

Main board is a 2 layer pcb board. Board thickness is 1.6mm, copper with 1oz thickness. Surface finishing is Lead Free HASL, green solder mask with white silk screen. The pads on board are normal, it is easy to produce.The specifications of this product is FR4 material, TG130, IPC Class2,width and distance between circuit are all common.We plan to make 2 pcs in one panel, then add V-cut on panels, after assembly we will cut off edge and make the board edge smooth. All inquiries are meet industry standards.There is no X-out board in panels, and Production process belongs to conventional production.

There are some IC components on pcb boards, the difficulty is the feet distance between the IC, workers need assembly very very carefully to protect the soldering connected together, finally, our factory finish the assembly very well and meet the customer’s requirement.

For other components purchasing we all ordered from great forwarder for long time business ship. Such as the Coil inductance, we ask factory to customize as our inquiry, delivery time is about 4 weeks. The problem of Coil inductance overhang is not very big, there is a large capacitor slightly away from the circuit board, but does not affect the final assembly, the shell will avoid this problem, and will not damage the capacitor.There are no problems with the components’ angles. The pad design meets the IPC Level 2 standard, single-sided mounting, with no other special requirements.

From back side you will see there are no other components assembly but for the IC special SMT, there are 9 touch points on back side, it is for driver to put button on or off, it have important function in total ready product.

As you see, there are 2 white connector on board after  assembly we need to coat on it. Customer ask us to coat IC and connector components. In case that there will be duty inside or water into the product, so the product using life will be longer than usual.

Then we make up the PCBA into the enclosure, and make 4 screws on 4 corners via holes. Inside we will use the tape to strong the board inside the box, then there are 2 screws inside the box, in case of accidents such as car collision, the circuit board in the meter box will not be broken. Finally we add LCD screen on the printed circuit board assembly, it will show the numbers of the electric and the meters for user, this is a product which can save energy and easy take device. Customer can screw it on car or house easily and move off by himself is also OK.

Electric meter pcba with shell

Let me introduce detail specification of the taximeter on 3 wheels.

Dimensions: 155mm x 60mm x 50mm

Sensors: electronic, magnetic or mechanical

Displays rate digit: 7-segment LED

Mounting: on rear left side of Driver

Operating temperature: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)

Power: 9 – 16V DC (nominal) 52V DC max. (short term)

Enclosed in durable Plastic Body

Fare inhibit above speed threshold

Four (2) independent rates

Auto rate change based on time of day

Last Fare Memory

Signal divider/amplifier included

There are big market in India, Because this product is designed mostly for Rural market. STS 30S is very affordable meter for autorickshaw enclosed in durable plastic body and operated with push button switches. It is recommended for rural market and widely sold all over the country. Smart Taximeters are open to expansion that can be incorporated and used along with positioning systems that ensure in time services for your fleet.